Onidere Chapter 38 – Yumi VS Tomeo (Part 1)

I knew this was going to happen...

After a battle of Bentos, guess what’s next? The battle for the Student Council President. Well more like an Election but you know what I mean…

As a revenge for being found out that he was a guy cross-dressing freak by Tomoe, Yumi takes advantages of the guys fallen for her him and uses them to be his supporters for him to become President. Even though the elections for one is months away. As Tadashi finds out about this, he tells Yumi to stop and think how Tomoe will react to this…

Which turns out to be the opposite of what he had expected….

As Tadashi tries to talk some senses into Tomoe that if Yumi gets elected to become president, then he’ll be demoted into something else.


Tomoe finally realises the truth.

At the election speeches meeting, the pledges Yumi will make if she gets elected are…

Poor Kenji, his money is constantly getting taken away by Yumi...
SO go for the transparent girls uniforms.

Just as Tomoe’s speech begun, the results for the votes ad been taken in…

Is minus 2 votes even possible?

With Yumi taking the victory with 138 votes with Tomoe with a miserable minus 2 votes, wait, how the heck do you get minus 2? Tomoe owes 2 votes to Yumi? -confused-

Straight after the announcement that Yumi won…

More like a dog servant...

Guess who steps into this matter?

So in sync indeed.

I sense a Love-Triangle coming… and so the battle between Yumi and Tomoe continues in the next chapter, and it’ll be the last of what we see of Yumi as well.

For now I end my post.