Onidere Chapter 39 – Yumi VS Tomoe (Part 2)

I feel a Love-Triangle is in-order.
I feel a Love-Triangle is in-order.

I just realised the past posts reviewing chapters of Onidere always start with Yumi VS _____, well, since this chapter is the lat I’ll be reviewing for now, might as well go with the flow.

Soo the battle to be president rages on between Yumi and Tomoe (The current prez) in this chapter (39). And with the results in with 138 votes to Yumi and -2 to Tomoe (Is that even possible!?). It looks like Yumi wins the trophy. But after seeing Yumi flirting with Tadashi and doing awkward things, Saki and Saya step in and (Totally in sync) tells Yumi to stop. Realising their synchronizing line, both of them argue to stay out of their way. But, in the end, decided to team up and attempt to persuade the students to reconsider their vote and to vote for Tomoe.


To support the two, Tadashi helps out too, and does a interview talk on the microphone with Yuna, Mitsuki and Momo (Since they’re all familiar and close to Tomoe.) and begs for them to say something positive. But in the end, one was going to say something negative but interrupted, one didn’t respond and blushed, and the other, thinking about what Tomoe did the past weeks, slaps Tomoe.


Witnessing Tadashi and the rest trying to persuade the students to vote for Tomoe, Yumi suddenly decides to throw in the towel and bails out on all them, then walks out of the hall. With her supporters behind her asking why she bailed out. Making Tomoe’s position as Prez safe and sound.




But still, Saki is as weak and fragile as ever.

FINALLY! The long Yumi Arc has now come to a close. Meaning from chapter 40 and on will be going back to the old episodic styled chapters. And maybe some story arcs added along the way. The only reason why I reviewed these past chapters was because of my interest (and rage) of Yumi, at first when I saw her/him I was like WOWZERS! HAWT!, but when I found out that she/he was a trap, I was all FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-! Even though this chapter was released a few days ago and the current scanlated chapter is like 42 or something (Not bothered to check) its kinda sad that Yumi and her/his mischeif is now gone (for now).

I now regrettably end my post.