Maidora Hearts Omake 01

Alice in maid uniform is the best...

This O-h Ma-h Ke-h (omake =P) had virtually no meaning other than thanking the viewers in buying the first DVD Volume of Pandora Hearts. Which made me felt guilty since I didn’t buy the DVD…hehe

This special… omake… a-note… whatever you would call it was basically consisting of a thank you message from Oz in a fourth wall format (you’ll see below.), then a weird (Gil cross dressing?) mystery detective short in who killed… injured or abused- well I dunno what happened -_-

Alice, with Break suspecting Gil as the culprit with his fear of cats, after running away from one and bumping into Alice, and thereby killing her… and a preview in the next DVD volume. Where it seems that Break and Sharron will take over the Omake instead of Oz.

Screenshots are shown below;

and remember kids!



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