The *Sigh* of Haruhi Suzumiya 01


Well now, after 2 months of the never ending action of Endless Eight in Haruhi, we now advance on to the next stage, AFTER the endless Summer Vacation. Which was expected to be shown a LOT sooner as usual. That is, The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya. Where Sports Day and the Cultural Festival takes place. Also judging from the “The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya 1” episode title, this arc will lag on for a couple of episodes. Where they’ll shoot their movie to screen at the festival. NOT time-looping over and over again.

So moving on from the never ending Summer business, its now September and its back to school. And out of the blue Sports Day arrived. So guess who won the Relay?

A relay between the After School Clubs?

Off goes the gun, and the first people of every relay team had taken off.


Annotated for your pleasure.


You all know with the slurs and the wobbly movement of the unusual flags.





Haruhi and her SOS Brigade Henchman wins by default because of Nagato dashing through the 4th leg.

By the way, the uniforms they’re wearing…

Who else?
Who else?
Me want a copy.

With the Sports Day now over and gone, the Cultural festival is around the corner and everybody is now preparing for it. Especially for each class in what they’re doing, and for the clubs as well. Meaning Haruhi wasn’t going to let this one slip.

Soo after school the next day at the SOS HQ. While waiting for Koizumi….

Aren't they?

Haruhi is ordering Mikuru-chan to act for clumsier when she’s in maid form.

When Koizumi arrived. The group then decides to think of an idea of what to do for the Cultural Festival, as Haruhi wants the Festival to be more interesting and lively, since her past school’s festivals were so-called boring.

The stick Haruhi is holding in awe?
That was random.
lolwut indeed.

And so the Brigade will be holding a movie screening.

I expect some perspective fail here.
Haruhi just found out Kyon's most deepest darkest secret. Haha.
Just now?
Just now?

While wondering how Haruhi got this idea…

Kyon’s prediction;


The answer;




The next day after school, Haruhi had finished planning out their positions in the movie project, much to everyone’s expectations…



I believe it took over hours of planning and brainstorming to come up with that list.

With the positions revised and finalised Haruhi, Kyon and Mukuru-chan are now on their way to get some props and equipment for the movie.

You can't shoot a movie without a camera!
Possible Yui/Mio from K-ON! cameo?

Now at the shopping district 3 stations down from their school, the prop/equipment hunt begins.

C'mon she won't do something like that... will she?
Thats when Haruhi does something suspicious. To be precise.
That's when Haruhi does something suspicious. To be precise.

1st objective complete. Camera obtained.

Cookies to anyone who knows what's that whited-out brand is.

But, it you’re wondering, how did Haruhi get her hands on a expensive camera like for free? Blackmail? Well…


/facepalm Me wanna do that some day.

But Kyon started to suspect something while he and Mikuru-chan are outside while Haruhi is chatting up the clerk inside to snag some props and equipment…


Maybe Mikuru-chan is the catalyst in Haruhi’s snaggling plan?

Surely those Guns have a age certificate into buying them...
Blow up a building? What kind of movie is this??
They obviously do not sell dynamite in a hardware store.

And the shopping hunt continues in the next episode.

I still have a vague feeling that “The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00” episode in the first series in 2006 will be the result in this movie Haruhi is making… Well must it be de ja vu for all I think…

Nyarth out.

PS. Apologies for the vague blurry screenshots I used for this post.