Hayate no Gotoku!! 20


Nagi and Hina were pretty much left out in this episode… And Maria was neglected… *sigh*

Anyway, this episode is about priests and maids.

Firstly, I would like to point out the pro’s and con’s of this episode.


1. Father being a total pain in the ass (but truthful) and making use of everyone for his own amusement. For example;


-insert some punching sound effects here-

Hayate really had enough of the priest I see...

After Father realises that Maria can’t see him…


I guess everybody knows what this phase means.

What Father intends to do when flirting with a maid…

Of course, Father gets a beating after this.

When Father decides he’s satisfied with his “last” regret…



Alls well that ends well I dare say.
Isumi didn't really take it well I see here.
Isumi didn't really take it well I see here.

2. Wataru being rattled out as a Maid Maniac (Or Maid Nerd, stated by CR Subs)




lol at the fact that Maria is used for every example.



Wataru didn't take it too well either.
Wataru didn't take it too well either.

3. The cunningly fanservice presented. Apologies for the n00bish screenshot editing.



4. Isumi trying so hard to act as a maid. But unfortunately failing at it.

Example 1, doing the Maid turn.

The Barrel Roll failed.
The Barrel Roll failed.

Example 2…

She just revealed the deepest darkest secret of Maids.
With the 20% left unsatissfied.
Faking a smile is harder than you think. Haha

Now for the (only) con.

Nagi and Hina not mainly featured in this episode and Maria left neglected when Hayate and the rest were trying to learn the spirit of a maid when Maria is one. Poor Maria =/

The only time Hina makes an appearance. =/

But I can’t help to think…


It’s actually 2005 in the Hayate no Gotoku!! world? I swear in the first season it took place in 2007…


At first I thought Father was watching porn =P



I wonder who were they thinking of…

Secondly, as for the summary… well to be brief;

Father pops out of nowhere and tells Hayate he wants to flirt with a maid, the 2 go to Isumi for help, after Isumi getting dressed up in a maid uniform and getting tips from the maid maniac Wataru, the 3 go to Sakuya for some advice. Sakuya willingly accepts and calls for one of her personal maids from her newly opened Maid Café. Cunningly known as Haru (which turns out to be Chiharu at the end), after Haru gives some demonstrations and tips for Isumi, the Father seems to be satisfied. When Isumi was relieved that she had helped Father in achieving his last regret, the Father confesses that it was a April Fools joke (even though their time is in April, it wasn’t April 1st =P or even before noon), meaning everything she and everyone had done all for nothing, except for Father’s amusement and past time.

Hermione makes a comeback!
Hermione makes a comeback!

In the next episode, continuing on with the episodic styled line of episodes, it’ll be based off from Chapters 136/137, Tama and Shiranui will be going on an adventure while playing the roll as Tom and Jerry when they leave the Sanzenin mansion and enter the outside world.

That’s all for now.