Valkyria Chronicles 20 – HOLY CRAP!


Holy crap indeed. This has to be the most epic episode ever in Valkyria Chronicles. But sucks for Faldio losing all of his comrades in his squad at once in front of his eyes after being annihilated by Selvaria and her insane Valkyrian powers. I guess I can’t blame him for his shell shock afterwords coming back to the barracks.

So the climax of this anime begins. With being planned for 26 episodes, this decisive battle at Naggiar Plains appears it’ll go on for the rest of the incoming episodes.

Summary (from Wiki – too lazy to write one up at this moment -_-):

At the Imperial Headquarters, Maximillian announces that the Emperor, tired of the lack of progress in Gallia, intends to remove him as commander of the Gallian invasion. With only one month until his removal, Maximillian decides to mobilize all of his forces and force Gallia into a decisive battle at the Naggiar Plains, intending to use Selvaria to tip the scales in his favor. Meanwhile, in Gallia, Ramal tries to deal with Zaka replacing Isara, and finds comfort in Faldio’s advice. Soon, the Gallian Military and Militia are mobilized to meet the Imperials, and Princess Cordelia goes to the front lines to raise morale, bringing a Valkyrur spear and shield to remind the people of her Valkyrur lineage. As the Gallians attack, Squad 7 is left in the rear in support. The battle swings back and forth, with Batomys appearing and Squad 1 crippling it. However, Selvaria arrives on the field and annihilates the entire Gallian force, including Squad 1. Ramal sacrifices himself to save Faldio. When he is brought back to the camp, Faldio is shell shocked. When Alicia arrives to try and comfort him, he merely apologizes to her and shoots her in the back.

So the one thing we all know now is that the matching weaponry (Consisting of Spear and Shield) that Selvaria and Alicia wields in the current opening sequence appears for the first time in this episode. (Maybe being the main plot device later on as the saviour to this battle.)

The Spear and Shield. Weird they all have to be matching.

Also Princess Cordelia appears once again and announces that she’ll be fighting alongside the front lines as well. Also bringing with her yet, another set of the Valkyrian spear and shield. But in the previous episodes, we learned that Alicia is also a descendant of the Valkyrians after some research done by Faldio, so one question, where does she get her set of spear and shield? Guess she’ll snag the Princess’s set later on… But I kind of find this magical fantasy powers being used as a catalyst in a fictional World War battle kind of redundant. So from the classic modern guns, tanks and ammo we ditch them and use spears/swords and shields which were used like centuries ago? Sheesh…

Well moving onto the matter of Faldio’s fallen squadron…





The last of we see of Ramal...

This scene made me wow myself. Just before Selvaria had annihilated the entire Gallian force, including Squad 1 (Faldio’s squad), Ramal pushes Faldio out of the way from the incoming blast from Selvaria, therefore sacrificing his life for Faldio’s. I found it very emotional to be honest when Ramal pushed Faldio out of the way and giving off a relieved smile just before he ended his life. Ramal had it tough for his moments in the Gallian Army, after losing his first love (Isara) in a battle, and deciding to end his life as well to save Faldio, that was rather… heroic you might say. I kinda felt a sense of Romeo and Juliet had taken place here. Well, moving onto after Faldio waking up after the blast…


He's all like... holy shit.
He's all like... holy shit.





Well as you can see here Faldio was in a state of deep shock, after just losing his whole squad (especially Ramal) in front of his eyes. Its like he’s living in a nightmare. Can’t say that I blame him for it…

But the next scene is what made me go wtf…





I was all like, ‘WHY THE FUCK DID HE SHOOT HER!???’, I mean, trying to comfort him wasn’t all that harming to shoot her down. My guesses were that Faldio was testing that if she really was a Valkyrian, she would heal herself instantly (after research upon that Valkyrians can heal themselves after a wound or injury, hence, Alicia’s wounded hand after holding the hot pot of failed baked bread) and revive, or that if she wasn’t Alicia will die peacefully in that very spot and Faldio convicted of first degree murder. It was a life or death test you could say.

Just what will happen in the next following episodes, only time will tell.

That is all for now.


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