Onidere Chapter 49 – Tadashi’s Parents… Part 2

Pulling a TWGOK?
Pulling a TWGOK?

Just as I expected (Or not really…) this really is a 2-part story arc where Saya (and Mitsuki) visits Tadashi’s home. While Mitsuki is in the kitchen, trying to become part of Tadashi’s family, Saya is upstairs in Tadashi’s room in an upbeat, finally being able to enter the former-forbidden zone.


A continuation from the last chapter, while Tadashi’s mother and Mitsuki are downstairs in the kitchen preparing dinner, Tadashi’s dad comes back home (from work I guess?) and suddenly out of the blue, Mitsuki declares that she was Tadashi’s dad’s illegitimate daughter. While upstairs, Saya is in a state of shock and excitement, finally being able to visit Tadashi’s house and room. And faints from the fact. When upon waking up, she finds herself on Tadashi’s bed, and after some imaginations, Saya begins to have a major nosebleed, staining Tadashi’s futon and bedsheets.

Later, Tadashi offers Saya to look at his album when he was a kid, much to Saya’s joy, she humbly accepts to look at them, only until she almost fell unconscious and started to again have a nosebleed (Pretty much like looking at Porn in Saya’s eyes.), just after Tadashi tells her to calm down, they both suddenly fell off to the other side of the bed. When Saya came to, she finds several plushies and dolls of animals and another doll of her, and upon standing up she finds another across the room on Tadashi’s shelf.

As Tadashi tries to explain that he made more than the one he gave to Mitsuki, Saya confirms the fact that Tadashi was really in love with her (*insert Aww~* here.). After a nice dinner with Tadashi’s parents, Tadashi takes Saya and Mitsuki home on his bike. While taking them home, Saya still worries over the fact that she had to lie to Tadashi’s parents that she and Tadashi were just friends (Instead of telling them they were going out.), and that next time they meet, she declares that she’ll greet them properly and that she’ll tell them that she’s going out with Tadashi.

Saya just lost 1.5 litres worth of blood.

Okay, one thing I should clarify, at the beginning of the manga, Saya said that if anyone were to find out that they were dating, she would kill Tadashi, and then herself (or more like break up), but in this chapter, it seems like that consequence has died out a little, when Saya indirectly said that she was going to tell Tadashi’s parents that they were dating if they were to meet again. What’s up with that? Tadashi’s parents are looked upon as “anyone” right? Or maybe their parents are an exception hmm… Well I thought I would like to just point that out.

Soo the Tadashi’s Parents Arc has come to an end with only spanning through 2 chapters, it would’ve been nice to have carried on and spanned through I dunno, 3 or 4 more chapters? Where they cover more of what was going on between Saya and Tadashi? Or maybe even the dinner scene (which lasted for a few panels, =/). Well this arc was pretty good overall.

Will she?
Nope, not a chance.
Anyone up for Tadashi pron?

I, for one, am not -3-

Yeah finding Pron would've been a LOT better and hilarious =3
+1 for Saya X Tadashi fans.
Of course, there are no un-spoiled romantic moments in Onidere. Its a state of fact.
You know, I haven't really seen Tadashi going out with some male friends... Is Manabu the only male friend he has? Other than being tormented by the delinquents and stalked by Saki and the president...
Sho~cking Devel~opment~ =0

So until next time, where more of the crazy shit of the world of Onidere continues on…