The *Sigh* of Haruhi Suzumiya 02

Nice way to interpret things...

The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Arc continues on this week as the brigade begins filming! But unsurprisingly, not the movie they’re filming at first… And yes, Episode 0 (DVD Order) is the result of this Arc.


After haggling on some free equipment in making Haruhi’s so-called film, Haruhi, Kyon and Mikuru-chan are on their way back home from equipment hunting. The next day, as Kyon walks into the club room, he see’s Mikuru-chan in a waitress uniform, apparently what she’s going to wear in the film. In the midst of a slight argument between Kyon an Haruhi, Yuki walks in from her homeroom class, still wearing her apparent Fortune Telling costume, making Kyon wonder how Yuki managed to come all the way to the club room wearing that, and Haruhi delighted as that was the costume she was thinking of she intended for her to wear in the film. Now with the costumes and the casting gone over (With Haruhi casting Koizumi, Mikuru-chan and Yuki the roles which represent who they really are in reality, a esper, time-traveller from the future and an alien from outer space respectively.)

Haruhi tells the group to come with her to start filming the commercials (sponsors) first at the shopping district, Asahina dressed in her waitress battle costume and then her bunny girl costume, much to her embarrassment. The next day they then proceed in filming the actual film (In actuality, only filming several scenes.) with Kyon pointing out that Haruhi didn’t write out a script, and that she had the whole plot, script and storyboarding all in her head.

Hijacked from Sankaku 8D Anyone see the similarities?

So the Cultural Festival SOS Brigade Movie Project is under way in this episode, and luckily, IS completely different from the previous one. And its all pretty average I guess, Haruhi organising the cast, the Brigade go and film commercials/sponsors for the movie, and lastly the Brigade go and film several scenes of the movie at the park. Everything seems to be starting to add up if you compare all this to the “The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00” episode. The creation of the catchy Miku theme is still unknown.


Mio and Ritsu from the last episode doesn’t appear in this one, which makes me sad =(

Gay pron?
Haruhi makes yet another makeshift armband.
Again with the makeshift armbands, this time saying Super-Director
Again with the makeshift armbands, this time saying Super-Director.
Coincidence? Nah I think not...
Coincidence? Nah I think not...

Haruhi pretty much nailed everyone down, but luckily, she doesn’t knot it her self.

Not the normal clothes the general public would expect...


Totally lol’d at this;



In Kyon-kun's mind: DAMN YOU HARUHI!!!

Mikuru wearing Colour contacts?? ( ゚Д゚)/

For some particular reason I feel like shouting out "Desu" over and over again.

Until next time, where they’ll actually start filming, right?