Hayate no Gotoku!! 21 – The Adventures of Tama and Shiranui


Tama and Shiranui make a comeback in this episode, making up for all the lack of screentime in the past 20 episodes. Which reminds me of this particular episode of Tom and Jerry, except one of them is a white tiger and the said mouse is a kitten.


After a sudden news report of an Anaconda breaking loose from its owners, Nagi talks about why would anyone want a big, dangerous animal as their pet with Maria, while petting Tama that is (insert irony here). As Hayate realises the irony, Hayate mentions that Nagi has a particular big, dangerous pet in her mansion. Nagi and Maria go off-topic and talk about the giant caterpillar (lolwut?) that was in the mansion about a year ago.

What irony as Nagi and Maria are supposed to be smart, and they still think Tama is a overgrown cat.

Later on Tama calls Hayate to the storage room, in the storage room Tama gangs up on Hayate threatening him to stay out of his way of intending to kick him out of the mansion, as Tama leaves he gets all hyped up about the recent new people (and animals) entering his life and that has been seemingly taking away his once-beloved ojou-sama.

They actually have a PE storage room? Which vaguely reminds me of the one in Clannad...

As Shiranui passes by, Tama realises his one true enemy that has been of Nagi’s attention recently. But as Shiranui took off, Tama chases him. As Tama corners Shiranui in a large white truck (that was supposedly delivering Nagi’s goods from online) the entrance to the truck closes as the driver drives off. Taking Tama and Shiranui with it.

Anybody notice the awkwardness here?

Back at the mansion, Nagi tells Hayate about how she and Tama met, and the whole episode goes into a flashback when Nagi flew to Africa (so she can get the while recent death of her mother thing out of her mind) and got lost with this supposedly 4 year old ninjitsu girl Jenny (the beginning started at the beginning of the episode).

Notice the strange reference on the cover of the magazine Nagi is reading?
At first he was just a average sized cat/tiger...
That still looks like a tiger to me...
The first time someone actually said a swear word in English in Hayate.
Any Unicorns in Africa?


I SO want a lighter like that.
Yes. Fear the rifle encased lighter.
Yes. Fear the rifle encased lighter.
Another person thinking its a cat.


She had a lighter made to look like a gun what more did you expect? Hehe
And that's how the strong bond between Nagi and Tama started.

Who was Jenny you asked?





We never actually get to know…

Meanwhile, out of the sudden blue, Tama wounds up standing off a pier of the dockside after jumping out of the truck, also separating with Shiranui in the process. But just as he wonders about trying to find out where he is, he hears of a passing radio that the Anaconda (earlier reported on) was finally shot down dead, as its behaviour was too dangerous to handle, as it goes on with the reporters saying that if they see a tiger roaming about on the streets it’ll immediately be put down, causing Tama more distress (as he is a fellow member of the Tiger family if you aren’t following) as he flees.

At some dumping ground, Tama was thinking through the situation he was currently in, while inside a nuclear waste container, and while he was at it, a giant demolition ball began swinging and crushing the nuclear waste containers one by one, as Tama flees thinking its a warning that he was on the line of life and death.

You finally woke and you find this...crap
I still wondered why there was a passing radio turned on with no one around listening to it...
I still wondered why there was a passing radio turned on with no one around listening to it...
Oh the irony...
Oh the irony...





Returning to the mansion, again, the priest (making a short, one-off appearance in this episode) tells Hayate the he saw a white tiger and a black kitten jumping on a truck earlier on and taking off. As Hayate realises the vaguely strong comparison of Tama being a white tiger and Shiranui being a black kitten, Hayate suddenly took off.

The priest it still watching the video of Isumi falling over in a maid uniform from the last episode...haha
Nice timing.
Nice (slow) timing.

Meanwhile, below the train tracks Tama is resting under a nearby cardboard box all depressed as he had no idea of how to return home (kind of like how he sat all hungry in Africa when Nagi rescued him). As he was in a state of depression Shiranui shockingly appears! And instead of Tama attacking him, he runs up and gives him a good ole’ hug and gives him a scolding, but in a nice relieved way, and believing that he has a big heart, forgives him for now for what he’d done, and decides to join forces with Shiranui to find a way to get back home.

Nice makeshift house.
Nice makeshift house.
What is this a love-square?
-sob- What a happy reunion...

Searching for a way back home, Shiranui suddenly runs off and jumps into Izumi’s shirt (who she and Miki was passing by) and then jumps back out and runs back to Tama, dangling Izumi’s phone in his mouth.

I SO wanna be in Shiranui's place at this moment.
I SO wanna be in Shiranui's place at this moment.
Izumi just got molested =3
Izumi just got molested =3

As Tama realises that the phone Shiranui had gave to him was the key item in finding their way home, Tama uses it to firstly find where they were, then to post a help thread on a particular forum asking how can a lost person get back home with only a phone. Like any forum in reality, the thread was suddenly filled with bash and spam messages, but in the midst of the bash and spam replies, Tama finds a serious post, saying that if he had a phone it would common sense to find the contact of the place he intends to return to. As Tama realises that the phone was one of Nagi’s classmates and that she had visited them once before, after a quick search in the Contacts List, Tama finally finds Nagi’s contact info and location.


Several seconds later, a sea of replies floods the thread.

F'ing lol'd
Thanks for the advice, Captain obvious.
Thanks for the advice, Captain obvious.
lol, its the Gundam Otaku Gigolo Freak.
lol, its the Gundam Otaku Gigolo Freak.
Klaus makes a rare appearance (excluding the OP)
Klaus makes a rare appearance (excluding the OP)

In the midst of all the flame and spam…




Now we’re getting somewhere!

With the discovery of the location of the mansion, Tama was under the nuclear waste container he was in earlier on (to not be seen by the public) and running back home. But after thinking of Shiranui, the main reason how Tama was able to return, Tama realises Shiranui was missing, after a little look around him, he spots Shiranui playing with a toy on the middle of the road, and Tama begs and shout across to him to come back to the pavement, as he could get run over by a passing vehicle. Just as soon Tama knew, a passing truck comes by, and thinking to protect his cover as a Tiger of saving Shiranui’s life, he suddenly took off the waste container, ran up to Shiranui and pushed him out of the on-coming traffic.

Acting like Snake from MGS?
Shiranui is busy raeping a doll, please wait for another 30 minutes Tama.
Shiranui is busy raeping a doll, please wait for another 30 minutes Tama.
Is this the end for Tama??
Is this the end for Tama??

As soon as Tama was on the verge of death, Tama and Shiranui were safely saved by Hayate, who arrives just in time. With Tama’s cover exposed, all the people who were nearby were in a panic, as a tiger was in the middle of the streets, much to Tama’s surprise, as he panicked too as he believes he was going to get shot down.

I never realised that Hayate's butler uniform had back pockets...
Who cares? There's a sale at a shop behind you!!!

But Hayate tells everyone to calm down, (as a way to get rid of the confusion, and revenge for what happened earlier on) as he tells them that the tiger was actually a guy in a tiger costume. The crowd of people finally calmed down, as they all walk away in relief while saying to each other that the tiger cannot be real, as it is so ugly to be one. Much to Tama’s shock of being acknowledge of being a real tiger and Hayate’s indirect revenge, Tama shouts out that he’ll get Hayate soon, as they all walk back to the mansion.






Hayate got his revenge.

Back at the mansion, Nagi greets them back and asks where they’d been all day, with Hayate answering its a long story, and just about Nagi was going to leave, Hayate tells Nagi that she should go outside more often, but Nagi explains to Hayate that in this day and age, people can communicate with the outside world from their own living room, and goes on saying that she helped someone out earlier on.



And as the episode end we get a close up on Nagi’s laptop she was on earlier, and it shows Nagi being the person on the forum who helped Tama on how to get back home, and in another flashback to end the episode, it shows Nagi when she was kid holding Tama up and swaering that she’ll protect him for life, with the narrator saying that Nagi kept her promise to this day.

I see Windows XP and Yahoo =3
So igan3w was Nagi all along!


*insert aww~ here*

This episode was basically telling the viewers how Nagi and Tama met in the past and the strong bond between them grew, with a side story of Tama and Shiranui wounding up lost outside the mansion and finding a way to get back. Overall its another fine episode of Hayate.

It also seems like the Author’s blunder at first making Tama’s country of origin Africa, when there aren’t any tigers living in Africa, a nice entertaining recurring gag in the plot, making all the characters (except Hayate) believe that Tama is a white with black stripes cat. With two chapters (136/137) adapted from the 13th volume of the manga, it seems like after 21 episodes it had adapted around 7 volumes worth of chapters. But with the prediction that the 2nd season will either be ending with 26 episodes, or the highly anticipated 52 episodes, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, in the next episode, instead of my predicted episode of Hayate visiting Risa’s shrine mansion and getting attacked by an alligator (which is featured in the OP), it’ll be about Hayate, Nagi and the Hamster starting their part-time job at the Café Hayate went to during the White Day episode. And will hopefully finish adapting the remaining chapters of Volume 13, and will jump onto adapting the chapters of the 14th volume, where Sakuya’s birthday will take place.

Also, what happened to Tama’s help thread after his problem was solved you ask?



I think we all know who he is. Well, in the meantime…

Peace out home dawgs!
Peace out home dawgs!

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