The *Sigh* of Haruhi Suzumiya 03 – IMMA SHOOTIN’ MAH LAZER!

The 3rd episode of the “Sigh of Haruhi” arc continues in this episode as the Brigade continues with their filming to show at the upcoming Cultural Festival. But wow, its been 3 weeks since Endless Eight ended. Even though I can still remember it like it was just last week. Okashi na??

Haruhi’s a freedom fighter =3

Quick! Mikuru-chan is surrounded by pigeons!

Another episode covering the Brigade’s progress in their Movie making project, this time focusing on the battle scenes, but after a sudden turn of events, began shooting the opening scenes. But since this Haruhi we’re speaking, just a normal episode would just be plain boring. Soo…

Ouch. That gotta hurt.


Apparently cause by Haruhi in wishing Mikuru-chan to actually shoot a laser in her left colour-contacted eye, so humanity itself made it happen (according to Koizumi). But inb4 the laser penetrating Kyon’s handycam and eye, Yuki arrives just in time to stop it. With a few grazings and burns as shown above.

Moving onto the highlights of the episode…

Surprise BUTT SECKS!

The laser cut Koizumi-kun’s reflector :<

Everyone stay back! Mikuru + Guns = OH SHI- *splat*

Giving worthy ideas to Haruhi will give you more screen time.

Find all the characters that has been based off of other KyoAni titles and been placed in the plaza~

When Mikuru-chan was about to be spared by Haruhi to finally wear normal casual clothes in the movie, after losing the colour contact when Yuki molested her…

The light of day when Haruhi permits casual clothes to be a tad interesting will never come. Ever.

When Haruhi and Mikuru are in the bushes having some fu- err I mean changing into the bunny costume, Koizumi and Yuki are explaining what happened with the laser incident when shooting the battle scene earlier on.

So Yuki DID took the contact.

The reason why reality only changes on Haruhi’s command is still unknown.

And so after a fun-filled day of filming the battle scenes which came to on-hold, and scenes of Mikuru-chan walking around town in a bunny costume, the day has come to an end.

The concept of Killing and Dieing once again takes place.

The next morning, for some reason Haruhi called Tsuruya, Taniguchi and Kunikida to help. And after a call from Mikuru-chan that she can’t come due to a sudden cold. Haruhi decides to go and pick her up. While Haruhi was gone Itsuki explains to Kyon that Yuki helped Mikuru get over herself. When the two return, Mikuru-chan secretly tells Kyon how Yuki helped her, which in fact that she bit her to inject “nanomachines” into her body. Haruhi leads everyone to the next shooting location, a lake near Koizumi’s house. And thus ending the episode in another cliffhanger.

One question, what are nanomachines?

Copypasta’d from Wiki;

Nanorobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometre (10-9 metres). More specifically, nanorobotics refers to the still largely hypothetical nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and building nanorobots. Nanorobots (nanobots, nanoids, nanites or nanomites) would typically be devices ranging in size from 0.1-10 micrometers and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. As no artificial non-biological nanorobots have yet been created, they remain a hypothetical concept.

Nanorobotics is that branch of nanotechnology,which deals with the study and application of creating machines or robots of microscopic nanoscale.

Another definition sometimes used is a robot which allows precision interactions with nanoscale objects, or can manipulate with nanoscale resolution. Following this definition even a large apparatus such as an atomic force microscope can be considered a nanorobotic instrument when configured to perform nanomanipulation. Also macroscale robots or microrobots which can move with nanoscale precision can also be considered nanorobots.

Nanomachines are largely in the research-and-development phase, but some primitive molecular machines have been tested. An example is a sensor having a switch approximately 1.5 nanometers across, capable of counting specific molecules in a chemical sample. The first useful applications of nanomachines, if such are ever built, might be in medical technology, where they might be used to identify cancer cells and destroy them. Another potential application is the detection of toxic chemicals, and the measurement of their concentrations, in the environment. Recently, Rice University has demonstrated a single-molecule car which is developed by a chemical process and includes buckyballs for wheels. It is actuated by controlling the environmental temperature and by positioning a scanning tunneling microscope tip.

I have no idea what that is. But made me confused whether Mikuru-chan was actually a human or ghost.

Anyways, in the next episode the filming continues with the appearances of the supporting characters (Tsuruya, Taniguchi and Kunikida) making their move into the new episode rush, with the brigade heading to a lake near Koizumi’s house. Another purely concentrated slice of life episode it may seems.


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