Hayate no Gotoku!! 22

Soo… An episode about a butler, a tsundere and a hamster working part time in a Cafe huh? Naice. Oh and also some more Maria as shown above.

This, I guess, should be the last of the line of episodic episodes we’ve been bombarded recently (not forgetting the episode when Hayate visits Risa’s household coming up shortly), with the so-called predicted final story arc with the upcoming celebration of Sakuya’s 14th birthday (if this 2nd season DOES end with 26 episodes), oh and also Hina confessing to the Hamster that she loves Hayate too.

Anyways, on with this episode.

Well long story short, Nagi decides to buy a watch for Hayate (which he chooses when Nagi asks him what kind of gift he wanted, with being a wrist watch a present that he could carry around) by taking up the alternative route and working in part-time jobs to earn the money, despite the fact that she’s painstakingly rich.

Anybody have that game on PSP?

Hayate and Maria didn’t take the declaration too well…

JC Staff Animation Art Fail.
JC Staff Animation Art Fail.

Later on, Hayate receives a phone call from Kaga inviting him to work at his Cafe, as the cafe is low on employees and he has to go manage a newly opened Maid Cafe downtown. Thinking that this could be a chance, Maria overhears the conversation and tells Hayate to give her the phone. And before you knew it Hayate and Nagi are the new workers for the Cafe Donguri.

The next day (or many days later) Hayate and Nagi head out to the cafe to start their first working day. And just when Nagi heads into the changing room to wear her working uniform (mainly an apron showing the name of the cafe)…

Whaddya know its the Hamster!

But dammit they had to change the underwear from the Anime when in the manga it should’ve been…

Babydoll or Bra… what’s the difference?

So just like always Nagi and Ayumu get into a fight and start to yell at each other until Hayate comes into the room, witnessing the Hamster in this case, her undergarments. You know all the details from then on.

You sure Hayate?

So as Kaga entrusts the Cafe to Hayate and leaves. The 3’s work shift begins.

But just as you knew it. The tsundere and the hamster takes another round.

Obvious Ratatouille reference.
According to Nagi, all Russians are Tsunderes.

A few minutes later, the first customer of the day arrives, thinking that this were her chance…

Something a maid would say? Just now I realised I haven’t seen Ayumu in a maid uniform yet…

What she said in the manga. Supposedly saying welcome in German in a Japanese accent.

And after the Hamster’s screw-up, Nagi takes care of things and welcomes the customer by taking his order, turning out to be a cup of coffee, all calm and collective, which impresses Hayate and suspects that the rivalry with Ayumu is the reason behind her confidence.

With Nagi winning the first trophy, Ayumu feels in a tough spot but not because of Nagi, but because of Hayate witnessing her failure, and just when they come in eye-contact…

Zippers can get caught very easily.

Advancing further on, another customer steps in the Cafe, and when Nagi approaches to take his order, Nagi realises the customer was actually a famous Mangaka (manga artist) known as Ashibashi Gouji-sensei.

Obvious Haruhi reference.
Obvious Zetsubou Sensei reference is obvious.

While stalking upon him;

We learn that most professional manga artists are emo.

Ermm yeah, Nagi goes into flaming mode (like Keima in Chapter 60 of TWGOK) and blabs on and on stuff I didn’t 90% understand. The Hamster tries to break up the fight and apologises to Ashibashi for her bad behaviour. We then learn of Ashibashi’s problem later on with his recent lack of creativity and worried if the readers would accept his turnarounds in his manga. Nagi gives him a special Espresso that has a strong taste and should clear his mind and gives him advice for his problem. With Hayate and Ayumu impressed by Nagi’s motivation, their working shift continues.

Later on, Maria (in casual clothes) sneaks up on the Cafe, worried and curious how Nagi and Hayate are doing, believing her current clothes are enough to fool them, the SPs randomly shows up and tells Maria they have a good disguise for her to use for this kind of situation. -changes clothes-

With the SPs convincing Maria that this was the perfect disguise, Maria decides to leave be and infiltrate the Cafe. Heh, looks more like a cosplay to me.

Economic crisis reference?

Know what? Lets just say both =3

Soo when Maria in cosplay disguise marches in…

As expected, the 3 instantly suspect the customer to be Maria in cosplay. Due to obvious circumstances, the three decide to treat her like they never even met before. But just in time, the Mangaka comes back to the cafe, thanking Nagi for helping him in his time of need. Which impresses Maria from afar since Nagi is happily talking to new people for once. But jst when Ashibashi glances to her…



The 3 predicted right. Like the mystery gang in Scooby Doo they should do something.

Hayate decides to go with the civil manner way and approaches the Ashibashi in thought and tells him to stop what he’s doing. The two get into a big argument and things weren’t going as planned.

Oh lol.

Just when things were getting out of hand…

Hayate convicts Maria as a guy.

…true, must be a trap.

And so another civilian is saved from the wretched gender bender traps.

Ashibashi takes his leave for he has now manuscripts to finish.

While for Hayate…


Quick! Maria is going Super Super Suuper Saiyan!!!

Nah just kidding.

And so alls well that ends well. Maria’s cover was blown after Hayate called her a guy, Maria gives a good ole’ scolding to Hayate, Nagi has completed her first day at work, and as for the Hamster…

Another misunderstanding hunch has arise.

Anyways in the next episode it seems like we’ll be heading over to Sakuya’s mansion as her 14th birthday celebration takes place! Also with Chiharu’s hidden status as Sakuya’s personal maid and Aika’s suspicions on her aand the mos anticipated scene when Hina has got the guts to confess to Ayumu that she loves Hayate~ Its gonna be epic.

Also still no sources at the moment whether will this 2nd season will contain either 26 episodes or my expected 52 episodes.

And I rage at the recent ANN review of the first DVD Volume of Hayate that came in America recently with a few chances I might make a post to rage about it.

So in the mean time enjoy this screen cap of Wataru X Sakuya coming up in the next episode;

God I wish someone would make a doujin basing it around this scene.

Thats all for now folks.

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  1. Is this Episode 22 Season 2? Coz I’m currently at season 1 Ep 40+ and I don’t remember this episodes. Nice Job! Hehe! I wish I could do this stuff too.


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