Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD 2nd Season 05/06 – Ayumu and Hakuo Three Amiga Review +Extras

I realised I haven’t done this yet. Well, here it is. Oh and managed to clean the Hamster’s delicious side-boob shot album cover but didn’t have enough motivation to clean the Hakuo trio’s cover.

So at first pair of Character CDs featured Nagi and Hina, then the second set featuring Maria and Hayate, and now the third set with Ayumu and the “Hakuo Three Amiga” (Izumi, Miki and Risa, apparently they’re always banded together) being thrown into the bandwagon. Like always they’ll be a main song which is featured in the episode previews in the anime, and an extra song for fun and usually the best. Other than that the album contains the instrumental versions of the songs and some drama skits and some useless extra tracks which make no sense to me. Hehe.

So first up, we have Ayumu starring in the fifth Character CD, and despite her crappy singing (explained in the first season) her seiyuu does a good job singing the songs included in the album.

Check out that side boob =9

“Kimi Fan” starring Ayumu Nishizawa by Mikako Takahashi

“Koi Machi” starring Ayumu Nishizawa by Mikako Takahashi

This time, I prefer Koi Machi over Kimi Fan. Dunno, instincts O_O

The drama skits seem Hayate worthy as it sounds like Hayate visiting Ayumu’s house with just the two of them, after being soaked in the rain and Ayumu offering Hayate to use her bathtub to dry up…or something like that…

Moving onto the sixth Character CD, Izumi, Miki and Risa makes their tripuette appearance once again, known as the “Hakuo Three Amiga” with their ddr-pop-themed songs. But what really caught me in the ear was that in the second song Izumi sings solo! =0 The first time that this was ever done…

“I love You Nara Shout Shite!” starring the Hakuou Gakuin Seitokai Sannin Musume by Sayuri Yahagi & Eri Nakao & Masumi Asano

“Princess is me” starring Izumi Segawa by Sayuri Yahagi

Yet again, I totally loved Princess is me by Izumi, her (the seiyuu’s) voice, the melody, every bit of it. =3

As for the drama skits, I totally have no clue. One thing I know is that the trio were chatting up Hayate or something. Weird that every skit stars Hayate in it. Translations pl0x!!

With the recently released Character CDs now done and dusted, now onto some other Hayate OSTs I haven’t managed to come across and review yet.

First up is the HiNA GIG version for the 1st Ending in the 2nd season. In a nut shell a Rock and Roll version of the ED with Izumi, Miki and Risa kicked out. Dunno if its an official album or not, but judging from the cardboard box CD covering and the “NOT FOR SALE” message on the cover, it seems like it came with an issue of Shonen Sunday or something. All in all its a nice remix of the first ending, but I still prefer the original pop version =3

Second is the full second OP, “daily-daily-dream!” by KOTOKO. Making a comeback singing the second OP for Hayate. One thing that baffles me is how the song is related to baseball (the theme for the Album Cover and design), even for the MV…

Those two Yakuza men return from the second OP MV of the first season (they scare me O_O’).

Even though the arrangements are a bit different from the TV sized, its yet another awesome and catchy song by Kotoko.

Soo, it looks like Wataru, Saki and Sonia will star in the next upcoming seventh Character CD. Ah great 3 in a bed this time? lol…

Thats all for now.

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