Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 239

Warning: Post contains major spoilers. Click the jump button to read on.

First of all, I would like to say that the title of this chapter is based off the name of the 2nd OP of Toradora!…I think

Or perhaps maybe just plaain coincidence.

And secondly, wow. It took a whole 16-paged chapter for Hayate to realise that he loves A-tan. But also a bad timing just as when Hina had the guts to finally confess to him, Hayate butts in saying he loves someone else (Athena).

The main highlight of this chapter, and maybe the whole series.

Now looking at it in chronological order…

Ouch, that’s kinda harsh…

I guess this closes on the flaming group of people supporting various pairings with Hayate. Hayate x Athena group wins.

But wait!

The page with all (well, most of) the characters, does this mean something? The order of which Hayate likes the most? (Despite Kotetsu appearing in the far left of the 2nd panel) or the characters he considers that don’t touch his heart?

But what’s more eye-catching is that Nagi isn’t featured on that page, yet being the main heroine of the series. =0

* Raises hand for Lolicon Hayate x Nagi Ending (if this was ever a VN, or a series with multiple endings)

So yeah, with Hayate confessing his feelings for A-tan in front of Hina, now left speechless and a blank mind, how will the night end I wonder..?

Heh heh, this is getting epic.


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