Maidora Hearts Omake 02

More lolz that you can laugh your butt off (if you watch Pandora Hearts) with the second instalment of the Omake line of spoofs and short stories which comes in every DVD volume of the anime. Lasting for a measly 3-5 minutes for each omake.

Gil is still afraid of cats...
Gil is still afraid of cats...

Like in the previous omake with Oz introducing the viewers to the omake, this time Gil (when he was a shota) introduces the omake in a fourth wall gag spoof.

In this omake, we learn some pick-up lines from each (well, most) of the characters as Sharron asks everyone to help her out in making Alice fully aware of “her status as a female”.

Oz’s pick-up line;

Gil’s pick-up line;

Turning out to actually saying it to Oz...

So then obviously, Gil and Alice get into a fight.

Sharron is not impressed.
Alice, Gil and Oz in Panda cosplay.

Moving onto Break’s pick-up line;

Alice is not impressed. Nope, not one bit.

Out of the blue, Vincent (Gils apparent younger brother) makes an appearance.

Love the “Eat Me <3” sign there.

Everybody left the veranda.

* Nyarth has left the room.

Anyways, that’s pretty much what happened in this omake. Next time in the 3rd installment, we’ll be seeing lots of Gil-service. Cue the fangirls~ (refer to Episode 17).

Gil this, Gil that, its gonna be a big Gil Parade with seaweed, of course provided by Alice.

Ni pah~