Hayate no Gotoku!! 23

Finally! Sakuya’s 14th (in the HnG universe) birthday arrives! With many things to come. I would list them out here right now, but I thought I might as well do it later on.

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So, adapting from chapter 141 and beyond, the start of the 14th volume, the Sakuya’s 14th Birthday Arc finally goes under way. But that’s not all, as there are many things going on in the process, such as from Chiharu’s background of how she started working as a maid to finally having her cover as a part-time maid fully blown. Hina also makes a comeback, after several episodes with her absence (well she did make some small appearances, but that’s about it) she finally has the guts to confess to Hina that she loves Hayate, even while on a Ferris Wheel while she does. So thats the main attractions of this arc, the arc also includes some nice Wataru x Sakuya, Hayate’s and Wataru’s live stand up a~and the appearances of Sakuya’s dad and siblings, which makes this whole arc much more entertaining =D

Exhausted when making your first comeback to the show? NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Moving onto other news, Haruka makes her full appearance into the show.

Unfortunately, her pure innocent nature lasted just too soon, as her true sided started to pick up, seconds after her appearance.

More examples are sown later on as we go deeper into the plot.

Chiharu screwed up. Big time.

Oh, that’s good.

Reminds me of those Yandere eyes on Higurashi. Reference perhaps?

Cookies to anyone who gets that joke.

Innocent mode.

Dark mode.

Don’t worry Chiharu, her book’s title is just for show ;D

Moving on, ever wondered how Chiharu became a working maid in a maid cafe and also Sakuya’s personal maid in the first place? Well the story is this;

Chiharu’s father is apparently a boss to some company, and had recently went bankrupt, so Chiharu’s mum is in a panic as their dad has lost his job and now they’re gonna run out of money. So long story short, Chiharu decides to find a part-time job. Even if she doesn’t, well…

Also nice use of the Japanese vocabulary pun there.

Damn right.

While out in the street job hunting, she stumbles upon a Maid Cafe, with Maids outside handing out fliers to unsuspecting pedestrians. After much deeep analyzing from the maids expressions and actions…

Chiharu pointed out the fake 24/7 smile, the sweet high pitched formal maid talk and many more. And decides this isn’t the right part-time job for her.


Hypocrite =P

And that’s how Chiharu came to be a legendary maid. Buut!! Here comes the twist;

So Chiharu’s dad managed to save his business, and they weren’t in any financial danger anymore. But since Chiharu already taken the offer to work there, and feels guilty if she were to quit right before she started, she reluctantly began to work as a maid more and more often undercover without anyone knowing to this very day. That is, when Haruka caughts Chiharu red-handed, that is… -End of Flashback-

Moving out attention to Wataru’s live stand up performance…

LOL Show…haha

The live performance we’ve been waiting for weeks, now happening, live!


I feel for ya xD

Isumi’s review of Wataru’s performance.

Isumi is actually being intelligent for once =0

Cue the Wataru x Sakuya moment.

Little before you knew…

Awkward moments, this is one of those times.

Now with Wataru’s performance done and dusted, now we have Hayate’s performance.

ROFL Show, 100% guaranteed to make you ROFL.

+1 person who interacted with God in this episode.

But strangely enough, Hayate’s performance was a success.

Some lettering FX used for once.

This reminds me of Araragi’s splint from Bakemonogatari. Reference perhaps?

I sense a Engrish feeling going on…

Anybody know shit about Hayate’s story?

Unfortunately, the Hamster makes a small appearance in this ep, as she works overtime at the cafe, oh and she has a hallucination of her and Hayate in Wonderland.

No, she isn’t. Trust me. Get help. Quickly. NAO.

Just in time, Sakuya’s little brother and sisters and her father makes their first appearance to the anime. And a strange first appearance indeed. Not really surprised that Gilbert didn’t appear and wasn’t even mentioned when Hayate asked Sakuya if she had more. (Maybe a first season thing…)


*nico nico*



You gotta say that face is like that of a molesters…


For one thing we know is that Sakuya’s dad is a total nut job.

Props goes to whoever understands what Sakuya’s dad was saying, or understands Hayate’s story.

It’s a wild salmon.

I totally have no idea of what’s going on in this mind. But that what makes him so awesome.

Happy screen shot family photo! Even though half of the others are some place else.

Well that pretty much rounds off what happens in this episode. Apologies for the mass amount of screen shots I’ve taken (imma screen shot whore ;D) and hopes it doesn’t crash your computer and also posting this review… summary whatever a week late, as I had many things to take care of first. So yeah, pretty good episode with lots of lolz added in.

Anyways, in the next episode it’ll be the climax of this Birthday Arc (I know… only 2 episodes) where everything will be concluded and many leftover regrets fulfilled. You know what I’m talking about =3

Oh yeah… it seems like A-tan will be making her 2nd cameo in the next ep, so look forward to that as well.

So until then~

Pic hijacked from Hayate no Gotoku! 145 credits page by FoOlrulez.


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