The *Sigh* of Haruhi Suzumiya 05 – FINALE

Talking nekos, people in outdated costumes (above), fact or fiction, and cat food? Well all them are included in this episode. Not really surprised.

The conclusion of the Sigh Arc is here.

Unfortunately, I am quite sad to say that this will be the conclusion of the 5-part Sigh Arc, where the Brigade film Haruhi’s robust movie for the Cultural Festival, with Episode 00 being the final product. But that’s not all. It’s also the LAST EPISODE OF THE SECOND SEASON. Meaning this is the 14th and last new episode in this uncalled for rebroadcast, and the next weeks episode and beyond will only reruns of the old episodes. But who knows maybe some new or redrawn scenes will appear some time.

So much for the people who expected the “Disappearance” Arc to be in this season and sites referring this season to “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” with no Disappearance in it 8D

In fact, here’s a graph (powered by Graph Jam @ Cheezburger) to show you the contents of this season;

A bit exaggerated, but yeah. And I know I spelt Rhapsody wrong, not bothered to fix it.

1 episode of Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, 5 episodes of Sigh, and 8 episodes of Endless Eight. Nice KyoAni marketing eh?

With the second season now fully completed with new episodes added to the rebroadcast, the original novel series under hiatus due to various circumstances, the manga seemingly inactive and the DVD sales including Endless Eight in them awaiting to drop dead. It seems for now Haruhi will be put to rest until her resurrection in about 3 years from now. As we now wait for more updates upon the rumours of a Haruhi movie in the works, with high chances being a compilation of Endless Eight and many omakes along the way.

Anyhow, on with this weeks last episode.

(I felt a censor was necessary 8D)

A continuation from the last episode, after the reconciliation between Kyon and Haruhi, the Brigade continue filming their movie.

And as you can see above Haruhi has found a cat for Yuki as her familiar for the movie, even though at first she wanted a black cat and Yuki originally casted as an Alien from Outer Space.

Filming some battle scene…

Haruhi has a thing for coming up with random names for animals.

Haruhi is at it again ordering Kyon to do stuff he has no experience on…

But who would’ve thought…

The cat actually talks! Voiced by the veteran male seiyuu Ogata Kenichi, who’s literally starred in over 100 anime series, mostly being supporting character and several main roles.

Kyon is in denial of a talking cat. Like how Hayate was when he first met Tama in HnG 8{D

Shamisen is making things more confusing that maybe Kyon and the viewers (us) are just imagining him talking! DX

After the 3rd… 4th? filming day was over, Kyon, Koizumi Mikuru-chan and Yuki gather at the cafe (the one they went to at the end of every episode of Endless Eight), discussing more matters regarding Haruhi and how her movie is changing the laws of common sense in the real world. Not going into any details…

So if Haruhi rejects all of them they cease to exist?

Koizumi then turns the subject to Haruhi’s movie, and long story short Koizumi tells everyone that they need to remind Haruhi her movie is only a work of fiction, before reality takes any more damage due to her powers to change it.

It was all a dream.

Even though all of my English teacher’s tell me to never write “It was all a dream” for an ending of a story, as it ruins the whole impact and mood of the story, it seems fine according to Koizumi.

After it became dark, when everyone went their own ways to go home, Kyon goes to a nearby convenience store to buy some cat food and other equipment for the cat.

Anybody think that the background was just a photo shot of a real store in Japan?

Imoto-chan makes an appearance.

I guess that explains her and the cats appearance in the new OP.

Moving onto the next day at school, everyone was preparing for the Cultural Festival.

While heading to the club room, Kyon spots several people in weird costumes. Thinking whether they were for some performance for the cultural festival or some people transported from an alternate universe. Later, Tsuruya makes yet another appearance and tells Kyon to follow her, thus leading him to Mikuru, where she gives Kyon a discount coupon for the Cafe her class is doing for the festival.

When Tsuruya leaves, Mikuru-chan has a talk with Kyon in private in the old school building. In a nutshell Mikuru-chan tells Kyon to don’t trust Koizumi too much, as they all don’t really know much about his background. Since its Mikuru-chan we’re talking about here, Kyon agrees and tells her to don’t worry about him.

At the clubroom, Yuki explains in further detail to Kyon about what Mikuru said earlier on and in conclusion, Yuki explains that Mikuru’s and Koizumi’s way of thinking is the opposite of each other, and also Mikuru believes that everything, ESP, Time Travel, ET Lifeforms ect. existed from the beginning.

Yuki sharing her wisdom.

During the next day of filming, Kyon starts to feel some changes going on about the scenes in the movie and the environment they’re in.

I feel that Pressurised Water seem more deadlier then BB Pistols…

The next colour in the contact lenses set Haruhi brought?

…metal Staryu?

More Nanomachines!

Weird that Sakura trees starts to blossom in September.

From extinct to endangered. I guess.

Did NASA say that?

During the evening, while Kyon was dosing about in his house, he has an unexpected visitor at his front door..

Of course, its Koizumi we haven’t seen onscreen for a while!

Koizumi asks Kyon to follow him, as he has some thing to talk to him about, thinking about what happened earlier on, Kyon becomes reluctant deciding whether to go or not. But in the end, Kyon decides to follow.

Pretty much the same as what happened during the beginning, Koizumi blabs on about the universe, Haruhi is like a God, supernatural stuff and… stuff… So in the end, Koizumi wants Kyon to find a way to hold back Haruhi’s powers. Thinking that Koizumi is just dumping all the problems on him, Kyon decides that he’ll think of a way. Which at the start of the last filming day, they day before the Cultural Festival, Kyon telling Haruh to stick a disclaimer at the end of the movie telling the audience that the movie is all a work of fiction being the result.

After filming a slightly altered climax of Haruhi’s movie, thanks to Kyon, the movie was finally complete!

Such a happy ending. -wipes tears-

Mikuru-chan bursts into tears after realising that the filming was finally complete and that she doesn’t have to go through any more of Haruhi’s torment. How heart warming.

Later into the night, Kyon and Haruhi decide to stay over night at school, finishing editing the movie with special/visual effects and background music.

I wonder what Movie Editing Software they used…

But unfortunately, there was one main problem during the editing stage…

With the Cultural Festival happening in a few hours time, there wasn’t enough time to completely put in the special effects, despite the fact that Kyon had no idea how to.

That’s what Haruhi said, but in the end, she decided to lend Kyon a hand.

Several hours passed…

So much for Haruhi’s big talk.

*click click click* Kyon was on the verge of tiredness.

Haruhi already fell asleep.

But in the end, Kyon fell asleep as well…

And the movie was left unedited.

Morning came, and it was just under a few hours until the Cultural Festival kicks off.

Looking at the movie, Haruhi was surprisingly impressed with the editing done with the film. Despite the fact that Kyon didn’t do any of the effects shown in the movie.

After suspicions being the main culprit Yuki, an alternative Koizumi, and out of the question Mikuru-chan, it was later turned out that the movie edited itself. Most likely due to Haruhi’s powers and Haruhi desiring a completed movie with special effects.

Several hours later, the first day of the Cultural Festival had begun! Not only that, according to Kyon everything seems to be back to normal. For example…

Another censor felt necessary 8DD

Dare I say, a hallucination?

So in due time, the movie had its first premier and airing to some students!

Whether they liked it or not was not really clarified. And the reason why the audience were all guys wearing glasses was also not known.

Guess that the disclaimer was done live.

And that’s how this Sigh Arc logically ends. With the last scene being a flashback several months back, where Haruhi and Kyon seem to be going out, and at a cafe (apparently the one in Endless Eight) Kyon attempting to convince Haruhi that Yuki, Mikuru and Koizumi are actually aliens, time travellers and espers, but unfortunately Haruhi not buying his theory.

-confession scene-


*nico nico*

And as Haruhi rushes out the cafe and waits for Kyon to get out…

Kyon sighs in relief. -End of Summary-

And so Haruhi comes to a close! Well, not really since there’s 4 more episodes left in the re-run and all being from the 1st season… As with the manga, I don’t read it but I heard that it’s currently in hiatus or something…

I have to say really that I’m actually quite sad that the new rush of episodes of Haruhi had ended, well, mostly being recycled episodes and whatnot… But what I really felt sad about, was that they didn’t air the Disappearance arc, I don’t know anything much about it but, with many people who’ve read the novels and the manga saying that its pretty good, I subconsciously took in some interest to it. Heck, even some anime sites and people calling this new season “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya”, despite being no Disappearance Arc in it, now they all just look like a bunch of idiots 8D

Well all in all, this seems to be the end of the 1st attempt to resurrect the Haruhi franchise, with the new stream of episodes now over, the novels (maybe manga as well) put into a loong hiatus, sources (2ch) say that Haruhi will be coming back in less than 3 years from now. Unless, KyoAni decides to pull a 3rd Season =D Hey, maybe even a Movie the director was talking about last month. But for now, lets set our eyes in more important things in life, such as the incoming Fall Anime 2009 Line Up and the return of Shana after many much years.

This is Nyarth reporting in, now reporting out. Good night.

PS. I still want a Kyonko Spin Off.

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