Hayate no Gotoku!! 24 – Hayate-oniichan~

Hina finally says it, the Hamster actually thinks of something ecchi, Nagi and Maria have their moment, another lol worthy episode of Hayate.

Also I’m cutting this summary ect. post short and sweet, as I have a pile of school work to finish off and other stuff to do.

Poor Hina-chan!

A continuation of the previous episode, this episode concludes the Sakuya’s Birthday Arc. Better yet also including some side plots, such as Ayumu and Hina on a Ferris Wheel having a private chat, Nagi feeling left out after looking at Sakuya all happy with her family and goes missing, for a while.

Athena also makes an appearance, making the new viewers to Hayate even more confused. Excellent >D

After Nagi went missing, Sakuya’s Dad devises a plan to lure her out, as having a guest going missing at a Aizawa party will disgrace the Aizawa’s name he believes.

Props to Sakuya’s dad for actually investing for an oversized mouse trap.

Since the plan pretty much failed, Isumi has one up her sleeve.

…I actually never thought of that one

Moving onto the Hamster’s and Hina’s only main screen time of the episode…

After a sudden halt on the Ferris Wheel, Hina goes into Emo mode, thinking that they all will die. But the Hamster has a way to calm her down is to sing a song. Just so you know, it wasn’t the Dango song in Clannad.

Hina got trolled =D

Back to the Aizawa Mansion, when Hayate and Sakuya were alone, Sakuya asks Hayate a question regarding his parents, that if his parents had a sudden change of heart, would he go back to his parents and leave Nagi, or would he decide to stay working as a butler. But Hayate acts cold and says that they’ll in a million years will ever do that. Then she goes on thinking of a name to call him since she’s just been calling him “Butler-in-Debt”/”In-Debt-Butler”, which she realises that it’s a bit cold. Hayate’s Aniki is randomly mentioned in the process, having idolise older brothers, Sakuya has an idea of calling Hayate “Hayate-oniichan”. The two went totally silent after that.

-gasp- An older Hayate!? =0

-tumble weed-

Back to the Hamster and Hina, FINALLY! Hina finally says the thing I and I bet you all were anticipating when this 2nd season started, and that is…


Accept the truth! Hina finally said it! WOW! PWNED!

Ayumu, on the other hand, wasn’t really surprised at all. ANTI CLIMAX!

After some awkward explanations, Ayumu pointed out that she would be surprised only if Hina said/said on the lines of…

LOOL @ Ayumu’s faec.

For the first time the Hamster thought of something perverted. But not in front of Hayate of course.

The Hamster then goes on explaining her past experiences of relationships and love and crap, and has learned many things she hasn’t after her first confession for Hayate (refer to season 1) and all that was said but…

Ayumu has high hopes.

So it’s a duel! The first to capture Hayate’s heart wins!

According to Hina, Romance is about Winning and Losing. I feel a /AMP is in order but too lazy enough to make one.

Luckily at the end, Nagi was found by Hayate, after a nice long talk between the two Nagi passionately hugs Maria, who happened to pass by.

A~nd, for the big finale of this Arc…

ITS SAKUYA’S STRIP SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh. Well then. Here’s your obligatory Fireworks display.

I still prefer Sakuya’s Strip Show. :3

Thus, that fully ends this epic Sakuya’s Birthday Arc, and you all can now change Sakuya’s bio age officially to 14. Still, I think that this Arc could’ve been extendedto like 3 episodes, like during Hina’s Birthday/Hinamatsuri Arc. Guessing Hina’s Birthday was more epic (DAMN RIGHT 8D).

And in other news, it seems like JC STAFF’s reign of linear 13/26 episode Anime series occurs once again, as Hayate states in the episode preview that the 2nd season is coming to an end. Unknown if the next episode will be the last, or there will be another (as shown in the 2nd OP, the Risa Arc). But looking at the Official HnG site, it seems that Episode 25 will be the last. Adapting from Chapter 147, where Nagi becomes sick and Hayate reads a story for her, with Hina and the trio roleplaying the characters.


Hopefully, this 2nd season will end with the classic Anime styled 26 episodes. Also I demand a third season to be made in time for the Spring Anime 2010 line up. NAO.

I now end my post.


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