Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 241

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Also includes some special bonuses regarding HnG  at the end if you’re interested.

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Whoops, forgot to review HnG 240 last week, well long story short, Hayate briefly explains the details of the relationship between him and Athena. Hina surprisingly supports Hayate and tell him should tell his feelings to her or something. After Hayate leaves, Hina felt as if she got dumped and confused as to why she had supported Hayate there. As Hayate arrives at Athena’s place, Machina appears at the entrance, telling him to leave. Just before her makes his first strike at Hayate, Hayate luckily stops the kick and tells him that he has something to say to Athena.

Moving onto this weeks chapter…

More background is revealed in the first half of this chapter, while in the second half we return to the scene as Hayate attempts to convince Machina to let him through, where we also hear a shocking (well, not really) fact regarding Athena.

In the flashback, we see Mikado (the Sanzenin Oil Tycoon Veteran) and Athena (loli form) 10 years back, who just arrived at the former location of the entrance to the “Royal Palace” (the place where Hayate settled in at during the End of the World Arc), which now has suddenly disappeared and now is the construction site of Hakuo Academy, as shown in one the panels in the last chapter of the End of the World Arc. After a discussion between the two, in conclusion Athena believes that someone would’ve stolen the “Power of Royalty”, suspecting Hayate as he was the only other person besides the Tennosous, and thinking the time where she spent her days with Hayate meant nothing since Hayate’s main intent was to steal the wealth.

Of course the clueless shota boy had any idea to ste- oh wait a minute, he might.

Himegami (former Sanzenin Butler) is also mentioned, included in the Robbing Three Musketeers.

It is revealed that Mikado, Athena and Himegami are criminals pursuing the Power of God. /facepalm

Well, there’s many more plot holes/devices explained in this flashback which I didn’t bother to point out, so read the chapter to fully understand~

Back to the main plot…

Hayate: Could you please step outta’ the way so that I can speak to Athena ‘privately’?



Hayate: Curses! Foiled again!

Thats basically what happens during this 2nd part, also adding in kicks and punches and many conversations.

Machina also explains that the reason why he wouldn’t let Hayate pass was because back in the past, many people had attempted to steal the Tennosou wealth, pretty much in the same shoes as Nagi now, being targeted by Kidnappers so that they can obtain the Sanzenin wealth. But since she has a “kind” heart, she forgives the robbers and lets them go, despite a few weeks later they come back trying to steal it again.

Wait, I think Id seen those black stubborn stains from somewhere...
Wait, I think I'd seen those black stubborn stains somewhere...
I felt like I was reading a toungue twister in this panel.
I felt like I was reading a tongue twister in this panel.

Eventually, at some point Machina lost his patience.

Here we learn that Machina is half human. And the last panel seems like a recycled panel of Hayate's face, being redrawn to put in Machina's.
Oh crap! Hayate! D=

Oh no! Hayate gets thrown into the blood bath once again! And just like any other super plot developments, the chapter ends with a cliffhanger (DAMN!! D<). So another 7 days before the next chapter comes out.

This is getting more epic week by week :>


And in other news, for all of you Maria fans, according to a recent post in HnG’s Official Blog, a limited edition bed sheet depicting a surprising ecchi service shot of Maria (with her hair down!!!!!!!!!!) is being displayed (maybe selling as well) at some recent convention at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan.

Damn low quality.

Also better yet, the 2nd DVD/BD Volume of the 2nd Season is coming out soon, with some rage between Nagi and Hina fans…

Oh yes, feel the rage Nagi fans. And for Hina/Hamster fans, cry in tears of joy at the new Mizugi service shot cover.

That’s all for now folks!


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