Obligatory End-of-the-Week Updates

Urgh… So many things happened after I came back from school, which is making my head hurt =_=

So here is a list of all things that I can currently remember what happened these past few hours;

1. Watched the 25th and final episode of Hayate on Keyhole (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), then became confused in the 2nd part. Now awaiting SS Eclipse subs.
2. Realised that the 2nd part of the last episode of Hayate was a original plot and was about Hayate fetching some sort of Pocky snack for Nagi or something. Despite the fact that the snack is nearly sold out everywhere due to its popularity.
3. Lurked on the HnG Official Website, found many updates I haven’t come across these past few weeks of lurklessness. (Which I will make a post about later)
4. Internet laggy. Having a horrible time with it. Also learnt that at 6pm half of the world’s population is accessing the internet.
5. Personal Anime watchlist schedule messed up. Now just going down the list of unwatched episodes on MALu.
6. Personal problems now as I have a pile of Homework to do for the weekend and I have no idea where to start, or even know what it is and where it is.
7. My parents are concerned about my well being.
8. Hina in a Alice cosplay = Win

That’s all I can think of for now, and for certain there’s a lot more stuff I left out…

Well that’s all I have to say about now but…

Here are some drafts I’m working on;

  • Onidere 54-57
  • The World God Only Knows 61-64
  • My Balls 35 (New Series Summary)
  • Fall Anime 2009 + Impressions + Recommendations + Finalised Watchlist

I now end my rushed post.

Oh and also hope you all like the black colour theme + please vote in the poll located in the left toolbar~

I needz some feedback of some sort.


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  1. why ….. i look the last manga of onidere and say dropped why…? who can told me why >_< pls whoever told me where can i get the last onideres 86 +


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