Onidere Chapters 54-57 – Momo’s Betrayal Arc

Sorry this took so long. It was hidden deep in my post archives list and I totally forgot all about it. So to make it up, here’s a compilation of Chapters 54 to 57. I’ll cover Chapters 58 and above later =P

Chapter 54

After such a weird, bland, filler chapter just featuring the Student Council heading to some convenience store to buy some stuff for their quarters. Here comes a big plot development!

Momo is acting strange! After looking at some letter when she was keeping away Yuna and Mitsuki invading Saya’s and Tadashi’s lunch (Yes, Momo knows about “Them”), flashing her pantsu at Mitsuki and not reacting to it. Something is indeed strange.

In the end, Momo called it quits.
In the end, Momo called it quits.

So in the end, Saya and Tadashi’s lunch had to be invaded once again by Yuna and Mistuki. But this time, it’s actually quite urgent, as the two explain Saya and Tadashi what just happened.


Shortly after, we see Momo roaming around in the school, and as she pasts through all classrooms, a memory between her and the others are shown.

Could it be that she's leaving Nijinose!? =0

As soon as she leaves the building and out at the entrance whatever…

Saya and the rest appears out of somewhere to comfort her and asks her to tell them what’s in her mind.

By looking at the shot above, it seems their delinquent status is deteriorating…

Just to spoil the mood, Tadashi shows up with the letter Momo received at the beginning of this chapter. Reading what it says…

Assassin Mode: ON

Momo was all like, “OH SHI-” and draws out her sword to make sure everyone who saw the letter is annihilated.

Given from this chapter, it seems Momo isn’t what we all judged from her mysterious cover. Looking back, there isn’t much background as to how she started hanging out with the Oniga… whatever. Could it be that she’s a hired assassin assigned to kill Saya? Continues into the next Chapter…


Chapter 55

A continuation of the previous chapter, we all now know that Momo isn’t the girl we all know and love, but could be an assassin assigned to kill Saya! But just she was about to make her first strike…

She disappears out of a blink of an eye.

Where as…

They have no clue that she was about to assassinate Saya. Nothing surprising in Onidere, of course.

Moving to some secluded location, 3 more characters are introduced, also known as the Haou-sou.

The name “Haou-sou” means something by the way. But I’m not going to go into details with that. Google/Wiki it if you have time.

Also, weird cosplays.

Judging from the panels above, it seems the prediction that she was an assassin was true, well, a “spy” in this case. And it is revealed that she joined the Onigashira-shuu (Got it right this time :D) for just about a year.

Oh wow.

It seems that they really are some guys in some suit. ...

Moments after, an unexpected visitor appears.

I wonder if he is also a man in a suit? =3

That weird spartan guy from previous chapters, swarming to kill Saya, misinterpreting Tadashi’s girlfriend was Saki and that Saya was torturing him 24/7, appears. Yes I know…

Looking around the room, he spots Momo, and quickly recognises that she was a lackey for Saya, and wonders why she was with the Haou-sou, as soon as he could figure it out…

Well, the guy with the iron horse got wounded by Momo =0

We learn here that she was a member of the Haou-sou at the beginning.

Weird that Onidere is actually getting epic and serious for once eh?

Looks like them Kendo suits they wear. But more cooler.

Weird that she doesn’t say a word at all during this arc. Keh.And so!

The Haou-sou make their first move to trap the Onigashira-shuu! Intending to kill Saya.

We all know now that they can't see shit in those costumes.

And so ends this fully epic chapter yet.


Chapter 56

The squeal to the last chapter, and unfortunately this chapter holds the conclusion to this Momo… assassination… plan… thing. Yeah…

With the 3 surrounded, all they could do now was to convince her to come back to their side. And surprisingly, they don’t even care about her attempting to assassinate Saya. I mean, how would you react that one of your closest friends was only friends with you just to kill you in the end? Haha.

Guu... Where have I seen this cheesy scene before.... Something to with friendship I guess.

After much cheesy friendship lines… Momo starts to crack. Literally. Not really just her helmet =P

I'd crack after listening to endless friendship speeches.

But, regardless of the many cheesy friendship speeches, Momo makes her first strike to Saya anyways, but wait!

She's soo close! Like, 1.2 centimetres?


Saya just had to say that recycled Star Wars catchphrase line to ruin the mood huh…

Momo crying looks... moe.

With Momo giving in to the good side, the remaining Haou sou decide to retreat. And remarks that they’ll return to defeat Saya.

What could have he had meant? Be sure to remember this when they make their comeback...

With the Haou-sou withdrawn, what better to do now is to reconcile with each other and call it truths.

Yandere Mitsuki is kowai. >.<

Mitsuki seems she’s not going to let this one slip by so easily…

Well yeah, like any other battle manga where one character betrays its party and comes crawling back, learning their lesson, what better for the heroine to say yet another cheesy line?

Tadashi makes some kind of cameo here...

I knew this was gonna happen.

Well that concludes this Momo Arc. But truth be told that the Haou-sou aren’t gone just yet…


Chapter 57

This is basically a filler chapter with no deep meaning to it. After the events of the several previous chapters, this chapter is basically Mitsuki hosting some kind of TV show where they decide how to punish Momo for her past actions.

Its official. Mitsuki is now my favourite Onidere character of all time.
Its official. Mitsuki is now my favourite Onidere character of all time.
The Yandere Mitsuki is still present. Btw.

Even though Yuna objecting that they all forgiven each other and that this punishment game is all unnecessary, Mitsuki ignores her and carries on…Mitsuki shows a card to Momo, as she lets Momo decide which punishment game she’ll do with the options stated on the card.

I'd choose A if I were her =3
Nah, I'd still go with A.

Question! What would happen if Yuna was the one that betrayed us all?

Yandere Mitsuki is even more kowai for me >_<

You know, I have no idea what is going on anymore in this chapter. First the main intent was for Mitsuki to give Momo a punishment game for cutting Saya’s hair, and the whole thing got sidetracked for all this nonsense which makes Onidere purely epic. Anyone who knows what’s entirely going please write it down in full detail on a postcard and send it to me. -joke intended-

Looks like now Yuna and Mitsuki have their moment in the spotlight.

No shit what happened here as well. What? Yuna has nothing else except for her giant boobs? o.O!

A welcomed visitor walking into the room…



So yeah Saya went to the hairdressers =3

Mitsuki appears to like the change.

And to make things worse…

What the main intent of this chapter anyways? Well, didn't see that outcome coming...

I feel like Tadashi’s appearance in this manga is rapidly cutting down…

With all the first 4 chapters cover done and over, this Chapter Compilation Post is now complete!

I’ll do Chapter Compilations from 58 and above (Damn SexyBoi and Nobiri and their speedy scanlating…!) sometime next week. But for the next Chapter Compilations, time for another TWGOK post I guess.

Oops. Ran out of things to say. I now end my post.