Newtype Magazine October 2009

Time for a general animu otaku post since… forever eh? And does this make me an official die-hard otaku? Nahh…. Heh heh…

So the deal was this, while trolling around in the streets of London last Sunday, for some apparent reason I come home with the latest issue of “Newtype Magazine” and the Light Novel Anthology “Dragon Magazine”. Déja vu? Nah just kidding, I happened to look around in Japan Center. A Japanese Import shop, selling many Japanese food, drinks and snacks, general household products imported and books (+manga) and magazines imported from Japan as well. Looking around for the new volume (21) of Hayate, I was deeply saddened finding out that its coming out in mid October. Meaning I was not going out empty handed oh no. So I might as well buy the latest issues of Newtype Magazine and a random Light Novel Anthology Magazine which at first thought it was a Manga Magazine like Shonen Sunday -_-. By the way I’m still a n00b at reading Japanese so I just looked at the pretty pictures and illustrations, just to let you know first.

Flicking through the pages in Newtype, I soon to notice that many of the pages were just reviewing the new Anime that’s coming up in the Fall Anime line up. Such as Seitokai no Ichizon, Letterbee, Fairy Tail and many more. And also running and recently finished airing Anime including Umineko, Shangri-la and Canaan. Just by judging from the front cover as you see above (Mikuru-chan in the classic Japanese PE uniform as seen the “Sigh” Arc) the main feature of this issue was mainly about Haruhi, including some interview from the director I believe to many screen shots from the “Sigh” Arc as well.

Many fold out posters are present as well, a double sided poster (Eden of the East + Spice and Wolf) at the front pages and another double-sided (Gundam) poster at the back. Not only the main attractions but the magazine also includes some topics about recent Conventions that took place and some columns from the journalists/staff at Newtype relating to Anime. A 100-page Evangelion fanbook is also included in Newtype, including Fanart from die-hard Eva fans, articles upon the upcoming releases and the second film, and lastly many interviews with seiyuus and directors who took part in the production.

So here are some screen shots of some pages I decided to take (as it showed me some interest) which took me 4 days to perfect due to the following reasons;

  • Monday: Figuring out to find a good place to take them since flares always show up in the photos. Dawn almost fall so I called it a day.
  • Tuesday: Found the right place to take the screen caps. But the battery powering my camera died, and since the batteries are special and rechargeable, I had to wait 14 hours for the charge to complete. So I called it another day.
  • Wednesday: Finally finished taking the screen shots, 100 photos exactly in total. But because of my camera with the lack of positioning recognition all the screen shots appeared in landscape, and since 40% of the photos were supposed to be portrait, I had to spend the rest of the night to rotate them to the correct position. Laptop being laggy and a bitch so I called it yet another day.
  • Thursday: Finished off rotating photos and uploaded onto Photobucket! But since the photos were like super High Quality and were over 2k pixels wide and 1k tall, Photobucket became a bitch and resized them for me, degrading the quality in the image. I would upload them onto Tinypic, where they retain the original proportions, but I’m just not bothered anymore =| And here is the post.

Note: Image intensive and do not ask me for scans my scanner is far too small to completely scan a page in the magazines. As the pages over exceeds the A4 paper standards. Resorting to me taking screen shots from my dad’s 10MP digital camera. No not SLR.

Update: Due to Photobucket’s mean bandwidth limit implement, I’ve removed all the images that was once in this post. Should you still want to view the images, you’ll have to go to my Photobucket album inorder to view.

Click here to view Newtype Magazine October 2009 scans

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Click here to view The Tracking of Evangelion 0.1 & Evangelion 2.0 by Newtype scans

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