Random Blog Status Report

Here’s a new segment in my blog where I’ll be posting from time to time some bland stats which has sparks an interest in me. Typically known as “Blog Updates #XX”.

First of, wow. Yesterday was liek, the busiest day ever since the first week in August. Yeah its only 432 views and that’s not a lot… But apparently it is to me as this blog is not really that big and loads of people read my posts. So yeah I win an achievement ^_^.

Secondly and lastly… the search terms.

Starting off with yesterday…

“yugioh season 2 screencaps” – lolwut? I actually have no idea as to why 26 people had searched for Yu Gi Oh screen shots as I don’t have any posts regarding Yu Gi Oh. Well, there is that 2.6 billionth card post but that’s about it.

“pandora hearts omake 3” – Still in drafts. Don’t worry, I’ll post it soon.

And as with the others, well they usually always appear in this list and not really that special but… yeah.


And now to today’s searches and counting…

“oppai” – No bewbs in my posts yet.

“pokemon made up gym leaders badges” – lolwutt? Sure I have Pokémon posts but mostly are updates on my Platinum adventure. (Haven’t done one in a while. Maybe I’ll post another later =P)

“yoko fanservice”This one is the only post with Yoko service I got.

“is eclipse is going to sub aru kagaku no” – 1. It’s “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun”. Or Railgun/Biribiri for short. 2. Maybe, go lurk their site and find out if they are. I have Railgun subs by Mazui. 3. Index >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Biribiri.

“loli no pantsu” – Sorry, I could but I can’t since I could get into lots of twoubal… But no loli pantsus here =(


Well that’s it for now. So er… until… the next Updates post?


One thought on “Random Blog Status Report

  1. I haven’t had 432 in a while. There was one month where I was getting like, 1500 views a day. I have no idea how that happened, but it was awesome. Now it’s back down to like, 250 a day. However, my comments have gone up.

    loli no pantsu? PUT ON SOME PANTS! Jeez, they might as well have just searched “Strike Witches.” In fact, there it is!

    My latest search post involved all sorts of things centered around the penis for some reason. Small bumps, rug burn…I have no idea how someone get’s rug burn on their penis nor how this could lead them to my site.


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