Seitokai no Ichizon 01 – Petanko Petanko Petanko…

If you’ve actually read or lurked in any of my posts, then you would’ve guessed that I’ve been eyeballing SnI ever since it appeared in Chartfag’s Summer Anime Poster. Heck, even I acquired some SnI official merchandise in the process. And for one thing, it was worth it. Turns out to be like the time when I watched Hayate. But still Hayate remains on my top 10. Anyways on with the summary!

The main catch phase in Seitokai no Ichizon.

First of all, the opening and ending. The opening was full of WIN and the ending was so-so. But even so it includes the main cast in SUKUMIZUs!!!

Anyone who doesn’t agree deserves to be slapped.

Being truthful, the singing felt kinda annoying to me. But overall, not bad.

The plot of this series, firstly, the summary ripped from ANN…

The series, which is also called Hekiyō Gakuen Seito-kaigi Jiroku (The Records of the Hekiyō Academy Student Council’s Activities), revolves around a private high school whose student council is chosen entirely by popularity vote. Because of this, Ken Sugisaki is the only male representative, in the otherwise all bishōjo student council, that may enter the “sacred sanctuary” of the council’s meeting room. At the behest of Council President Kurimu Sakurano, Sugisaki records the minutes of the council meetings, which devolve into daily conversations about the students’ lives and interests.

Nice summary there, but seems too normal. First of all, “Sugisaki records the minutes of the council meetings, which devolve into daily conversations about the students’ lives and interests.”? Didn’t really seem so in the first episode. As I’d only seen him messing about and stuff. Well he at least did something worthwhile at the end. But yeah, pretty much summarised what this series is all about.

Overall brief summary:

A laid back series about the daily lives of the student council, where the male main character tries to make his own harem out of the bi-shojo members of the student council.

The main characters on the other hand, had some kind of strange incarnations from the cast of Lucky Star. One short, one mature and classy and two sisters, well in this case not identical but you get my point.

For example;

Kirumi = Konata

Chizuru = Miyuki

Minatsu = Kagamin

Mayufu = Tsukasa

Also an additional male character which resembles an average otaku who is trying to make the 4 into his own personal harem…

But you didn't, did you? ;D

The main MAIN character of all would be Sugisaki Ken. And at first glance, we’d see him as some attractive sexy bi-shounen guy, right? Well, this soon disintegrates as now we see him as a normal guy who’s into gal-games and has a hyperactive perverted side to him.

The main desires of an Otaku.

Fat thighs there…

Sakurano Kurimu, the President of the Student Council (Romanized as “Crim”, relating to colour Red). Unfortunately she falls into the characteristics of a tsundere, not concerning the attitude side but the physical appearance, the height, chest, hips… all under the national average standards. Voiced by the wonderful Mariko Honda (whom I never heard of before), hones the usual high-pitched moé voicing. But has this weird American Japanese accent to it…

Her weight, height and chest in question…

Somebody do that for me please. Haha.

Aww poor Kirumu =(

But on the bright side she has a “dangerous” moé side to her.

MOE MOE KYUN~!!!!!!!

Kurimu is now officially my waifu. HANDS OFF!

Chizuru on the other hand…

Chizura, the Secretary of the Student Council, is the oldest and maturest (if that’s even a word) member of the student council. Not like the “old” in Maria terms in Hayate, but old as in a year higher or so. Untill…

She appears to have this weird Yandere side.

And a masochist side. Wow nice Chizuru service.

Lastly, we have Minatsu and Mayufu-chan. I decided to introduced the two at the same time well since, they’re sisters and all… Well Minatsu is the Vice President of the Council and Mayufu is the Treasurer.

First of all, Minatsu seems to be older sister of Mayufu, and has this mere side of Tsundere. As shown below;

Epic lol at Ken’s deformation.

Walkthroughs. It's serious business.

Mayufu on the other hand, is some kind of Wiki Gaming Walkthrough Maniac who’d give up on anything to just update a walkthrough of a game. Hoping it’ll help someone having difficulties playing or knowing what to do. Pretty epic if you ask me.

The first episode in itself, also bears some obvious references and parodies from other Anime and Pop Culture. Ranging from the outdated references and jokes, to even the most recent jokes and parodies.

One of the many obvious parodies, when Ken suddenly confessed to Kurimu;

Plain white =3

The controversial scene in Higurashi, where Rena suddenly shouted out “LIAR!!” is portrayed in this scene. Where it really made me shit brix when watching the episode.

Not only the obvious, but also hidden ones placed deep into the show.

Obvious Dragonball reference. With a weird newsflash at the top saying that the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Brazil, even though it hasn't been finalised yet...
Looks like a character off of Negima... But Kuroshitsuji is mentioned shortly after.
The Dragonball reference is mentioned again...
Haruhi reference...
True. But if there isn't any deja vus...
Well, you name the references here.
Obvious Lucky Star reference.
Hmm... Trigun?
And to top it off another Haruhi reference.

Yui is super pleased =3

In harem endings, everybody is always happy.

In this episode we also get to learn that there many differences between media.

Which makes us understand why there are usually minor changes in Anime adaptations of the original Manga.

So err… the Plot!

Well, the episode really starts off introducing the characters err… Then we see how the usual daily life goes in the student council (weird that we don’t see other students), how Ken joined the Student Council, where you mainly have to win a popularity contest, but also the person who gets the highest mark of the end of term test gets to join as well as a valediction. We also look at several conversations such as Kurimu’s physical status, Ken’s boasting upon his desire of a harem and how everything started. All that pretty much happens in the first half.

Mahiru-sensei, the first teacher introduced tp the story. What significance we’ll see of her is an instant mystery…

The second half, has some kind of episodic plot, where the council is assigned to go through loads of boxes filled with many items they need to approve of for many school clubs. Ken gets left out as they others believe he’ll just be a hindrance while the others split the jobs and go through box to box. Of course, things get out of hand where Kurimu stamps the wrong form to the wrong box and mixing up/missing the confirmation sheets. So actually being the man (he’s supposed to be) Ken decides to gather all the forms and confirm all the good the school clubs need by going all around the school. In less than 12 seconds. All he needs now is a single stamp confirming all the goods by the president.

To kill the time, as every time Kurimu says approved and stamps the sheets, Ken says “Petanko”, as in Flat Chest 8D

Seconds later, Ken winds Kurimu up to make her say Flat Chest =0

Oh… lol.

When Ken compiles all the forms…

Ken says Flat Chest once again xD

But did Ken really compiled all the forms? Well…

*Gasp* He lied! =0 Well I actually had a hunch he did since it wasn’t really possible for him to compile everything in 12 or so seconds… yeah. All that so he didn’t want to see the girls worked with those faces on. Pretty manly if you ask me =3

Preview of the next episode;

Seems it'll be like some flashback episode or something dating back a few months or so.

Thus, that pretty much concludes this first post regarding the 1st episode of Seitokai no Ichizon! (apologies if it seemed to lagged too long =P)

Well, with super hawt moé characters and a male harem fanboy freak being the main characters of the story, constant references, parodies and jokes of other anime and awesome animation quality, I’ll be continuing following this series on a weekly basis. So expect many SnI posts in the following weeks~

I now end my post.

PS. Just found out something stated by Sankaku and 2ch;


oh, and lastly;


Apparently I am “literally retarded” and a “terrible human being who should commit suicide right now”. Thanks for that gg  >_>


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