To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 01

Six months has passed since the end of the first run of Index (Prior to Kurimu, my waifu =3) and also a year since Index has started airing. Well instead of a second season (which I highly demand) here’s a spin off anime series based of a spin off manga, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, ie. A Certain Scientific Railgun. Featuring that pesky tsundere-like Biribiri.

Like what I did in SnI… Firstly, the opening and ending!

Well er… The first episode didn’t seem to have an opening… But the opening was used as the ending with the usual credits placed on top. If that makes any sense… But starting in episode 2 it’ll be more than likely it’ll properly consist of the OP and ED in the proper order.

Ignore the video title, uploader made a mistake…

Opening is called “only my railgun” by fripSide and the ending is called “Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he-” by ELISA, the same artist who sang the first opening to the second season of Hayate, for a little background.

The animation for the OP on the other hand, looks great if you ask me, the song is awesome too. Also the cameo of Touma around 00:47 was a nice touch too, maybe he’ll appear in this spin off somewhere… -annoyed that there are no signs of Index appearing-

Seems like JC Staff has a habit of screwing up where to place the OP/ED sequences…

Also, while trolling Railgun vids on YouTube, I’v stumbled upon a FULL, yes, a FULL version of the OP. Not a TV edit, since the video was uploaded a month ago, an authentic FULL version video of the OP.

Either the full OP got leaked out of somewhere or the full song came out before the actual anime (which has never commonly happened before). Who knows O.O

On with the characters, or in technical terms, the “main heroines” of the story, you guessed it, consists of Biribiri and her yuri loving sister Kuroko (couldn’t think of a nickname at this point).

Kuroko makes a healthy return into this witty spin off.
HOLY D8- Well, did kinda see this happening...
Like in the usual spirit, Biribiri is still her old self in this spin off.

In addition to the two yuri sisters, two MORE main characters are included as well, who happen to be Kuroko’s comrades at some justice HQ called Judgement.

From Yui (K-ON!), to Kana (Kanamemo).... Aki Tomosaki is like becoming the new Rie Kugumiya.

Well first up, the Level 1… err… something… well her abilities are unknown at the moment… Uiharu Kazari is her name. God knows why she’s wearing a flower chain… hat on her head. And straight from when she said her first line, I instantly recognise she was being voice by the recent newcomer Aki Toyosaki, with her high quality moé voice and also voicing Yui from K-ON! (Spring ’09) and Kana from Kanamemo (Summer ’09) and many others, now she’s voicing Uihari in Railgun (Fall ’09) see the trend here? Haha…

Gawd she's a Biribiri Fan Girl.
Seems like the new shimapan.

Next up is Saten Saten “>Ruiko, given by her name I first thought she was Saten from her name, just when I realised that there was a character called Saten in Needless I let it slip by. Just like Touma who made a slick cameo in the OP, she’s a Level 0 (no miraculous right hand, unfortunately) in other words, a totally normal human being, like you and me. Parallel to Uiharu she, this time, has a flower sticking out of her left side of her hair. Seems more natural and a bouquet of flowers slapped on top of your head right?

A side note, if you haven’t already notice when you watched the original Index series 6 months ago, Uiharu and Saten makes a cameo in both OPs in the restaurant “joseph’s” in the first OP and walking outside past Biribiri of a fast food joint with this strange man in the second. As shown below in google searched Youtube Index OP clips.

Skip to 00:18 for the cameo.

Skip to 00:23 for the cameo.<

Epic lol 8DD

The episode itself… pretty good start to kick off this spin off. Introduced the characters really well, included large amounts of lolz, climax of a back robbery and a warm tingly scene to end the first episode… and also, added some cameos from other JC Staff anime. In most particular, Toradora! and Shana.

As you can see here, Shana and Yoshida appears at the far left side, and a loli incarnation of Taiga munching on a crepé is shown with the staff lady.
Here you can see Yoshida's left eye and the full view of the Zettai Ryouiki Grade A of Shana.
An extra this. See, it seems Biribiri wanted to eat some crepes from a newly opened stand since its giving away a frog dangly thingy as a present to its early new customers. And it seems Saten bears the last one they have in stock.
Biribiri is now defeated. Also here you can see the shota version of Ryuuji, a slightly altered version of Yasu, Ryuuji's mother, the glasses guy err... Noito if that was his name and the incarnate of Taiga appears once again. And the guy at the top right seems to be Yuuji or the bi-shounen suy in Shana.

But on top of alll that, the yuri breast fondling scene rules all I guess. This scene stirred a massive controversy of censors by igniting a white haze of steam when broadcasted on the airwaves of Japan. And the density of the steam varied from a light haze, to a dead-opaqued haze, ruling out the good parts and looking as if it was just edited using the gradient feature in Photoshop. Digital channels such as AT-X showed the scene with the steam wiped out, fully uncensored 8D

When Biribiri and the rest take a shower… (Note: Using the uncensored screen shots at peril)


Of course, Biribiri's extra coverage of the short shorts remain.

Well that’s about it really, not gonna cover the bank robbery scene since I ran out of screen shots I’m supposed to do my homework as of now… Well obviously it seems I’ll be continuing watching Biribiri on a weekly basis (and occasionally blogging about it) So stay tuned~