Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Review

Apologies for posting this like 2 weeks late, its been in my draft’s list for a couple of days now and been left untouched. Well might as well clear up some spilled dirt. Oh and also; WOOT! 200TH POST!!! :DD

Anyways, enjoy my Hayate review.

Have to say really, this past 6 months of Hayate really flew by so fast. I can almost remember me all hyper active and screaming like a fanboy waiting for the first episode of the second season to be available on Crunchyroll back in April (Yes, I still Animu on CR, shun me as you pleez), since Hayate was back. But there were many let downs and ups for this sequel. Allow me to elaborate;

Firstly, a flashback to late 2007 and early 2008, when I was still a total n00b to the internetz a~nd was about the time when I became interested in Animu completely, I was happily watching the first season of Hayate on a weekly basis only. Yes, that’s right, ONLY HAYATE. Not any other anime. Those were the carefree days where I only had to follow one anime series and that was it… Look at me now, I’m watching and following like 20-30 series every week =_=

Back to the subject, I was then suddenly saddened and depressed when the season aired its 40th episode, the first episode of 2008. As I suddenly felt a hunch that the season was going to end VERY soon, since I knew there were going to be 52 episodes. And as my depression and lack of fanboyism motivation to watch the later episodes rose and rose and came to its last episode. Just trolling on ANN lead to me an article saying that a second season has been green lit for production! =0 I was all screaming and crying tears of joy and running around my house. It was epic.

Which then leads to my first point of the main let down of this season. Two words; THE ANIMATION.

Around February this year, trolling on some Animu updates on ANN, I discovered that they were going to release an OVA, entitled “Episode 0”, a month early to promote the 2nd season a bit more. Looking at some screen shots on the official Hayate no Gotoku website, I couldn’t help but notice the sudden change of the Art style. Then came to discover that JC Staff were taking over the animation production, not  SynergySP, who did the first season. First thing that came to my mind “THE ANIMATION LOOKS SHIT. THEY TOTALLY RUINED HAYATE AND NAGI’S MOÉ-NESS”. I used looked up at JC Staff in fact for their wonderful animation quality when I watched Toradora! and Index (OMG EXPLOSIONS! =D) but then all the hopes and dreams crushed when I realised the horrible animation quality was the works of JC Staff.

So here are some comparison screen shots to further explain my useless-rant-which-isn’t-supposed-to-be-in-this-review (JC Staff shown first, SynergySP shortly after);

Exhibit A:

Epic fail.

Seriously, Hayate looks like a total douche in these screen shots. I swear the animators seem layed off.

Now with SynergySP’s animation;

Feminine Hayate~! 8D
Awesome Hayate~ 8D
Shotadere Hayate~! 8DD
Ero Ero Hayate~!!! 8DDD

As you can see, SynergySP obviously wins this round, as they can manipulate Hayate’s facial expression while retaining the same original feel.

JC Staff 0 – 1 SynergySP

Exhibit B:


As you can see here, Synergy wins again for its epic animation quality bestowed upon Nagi.

JC Staff 0 – 2 SynergySP

Exhibit C:

Well, Hina still looks just as awesome whether being JC Staff or Synergy =3 So it’s a draw here I guess.

JC Staff 1 – 3 SynergySP (points for all)

OVERALL SCORES: JC Staff 1 – 3 SynergySP

Cased and pointed.

Used for emergencies for times like this.

Now with the Animation Rant out of the way, time to look more closely in-depth of the plot and how the story is layed out.

Took quite a while for me to polish this chart. On Paint.

As you can see above is the list of all the episodes in the Second Season, while on the left shows the background info behind the episodes and where in the manga is adapted from. Click anywhere on the image to view in full.

Roughly looking at the border lines of the manga, you see that the second season basically picks up where the 1st season left off and wanders off into its filler wonderland. From the last chapter in Volume 5 to the first in Volume 14. Almost 10 volumes (with an average of 100 chapters in total) adapted into a 25-episode series is pretty well done as a first for JC Staff, as cramming all the Hayate goodness seemed like a hard job to accomplish. But really, I was quite surprised when I learnt of this series was going to end with 25 episodes half way into the series. I also had doubts that it would actually happen and came down with this bullet-pointed list of reasons.

Evidence of S2 to go on for 25 episodes:

  • JC Staff has been known for producing Anime series no longer than the default amount of 26 episodes, so S2 could fall victim of the trend.
  • Since its following the manga, even if it did end with 52 episodes, it would easily catch up to the manga. Meaning we’d have to wair 3-4 years for a third season (if there is one) despite the chances of the series ending by that time.

Evidence of S2 to go on for 52 episodes:

  • Following the trend of the first season, so it’s highly possible.
  • Hayate is not complete without breaking through the default boundaries.
  • Many predicted they would be expecting the End of the World Arc to be included in S2 as well, despite with all the Athena trolls (which I’ll talk about later) which had occurred numerous times across this season.

But in the end, the second season ended with a total of 25 episodes so all those rumours and predictions that they’ll be 52 episodes are dead wrong.

Mentioned earlier in the plot section, the second season also made numerous trolls appearances of the “Mystery Girl A”

Just who is this mysterious girl? I wonder...

Not only that, but it was also a shame that they left out the Asakaze Risa Arc when Hayate visits Risa’s mansion and goes on an exciting journey, since it was included in the opening but didn’t feature in the episodes itself. Maybe it’ll come out as an OVA or an unaired episode or something…

Risa was also wearing the shrine maiden clothing as well...

The music, on the other hand, looks pretty well done.

Short review of each piece of music in short individual words;

1st Opening: “Wonder Wind” by ELISA

I found her voice quite annoying after 4 or 5 episodes. So average in my opinion.

2nd Opening: “daily-daily Dream” by KOTOKO

Good to see Kotoko is back singing the opening. Shame really it only ran from episode 18-25. Overall pretty good.

1st Ending: “Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro!” by Shizuka Itou with Eri Nakao, Sayuri Yahagi and Masumi Asano

AWESOME. Not much to say other than that.

2nd Ending: “Karakoi ~Dakara Shoujo wa Koi wo Suru~” by Rie Kugimiya and Ryoko Shiraishi

Finally something for Hayate x Nagi fans. Addicting song in my personal opinion.

As for the Character CDs, there’s 8 Albums in total for the second season, just go to my review posts for my views upon the albums.

Character CD 1 – Nagi Sanzenin

Character CD 2 – Hina Katsura

Character CD 3 – Maria

Character CD 4 – Hayate Ayasaki

Character CD 5 – Ayumu Nishizawa

Character CD 6 – Izumi, Miki & Risa

Character CD 7 – Wataru, Saki & Sonia

Character CD 8 – Sakuya & Isumi

The background music and inserts, the original bgm returns from the first season to this second, some new bgm and inserts are adding to the collection while some original pieces were left out and scrapped. Mostly because of copyright and stuff…

The character designs? Yeah… Well… the original designs by Mr. Hata are super special awesome. But the character designs for the second season seems to be degraded in a lower quality. So low scores for that (but not the Mr. Hata designs) =3



PLOT: 9/10

MUSIC: 8/10 (Hina ED: 9001/10)


OVERALL: 9.9/10 (-0.1 for the animation)

My advice if there is gonna be a third season next year of in the near future: GO BACK TO ANIMATING BY SYNERGYSP!!!

-sniff- Sad to see Hayate going so fast in these past 6 months. But for now, let us put the anime to rest awaiting for a third season or so and now focus upon the manga where it’s at its climax of the Golden Week featuring the adult version of Athena.

I end my review/post.

8 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Review

  1. gelosut9 October 11, 2009 / 00:11

    Ummm to tell you the truth, I honestly like the art in JC Staffs art/animation over the SnergySP, I dunno, the colors were alot more appealing in this one to me, and I like the eyes too. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. glothelegend October 13, 2009 / 07:11

    Just as this post was late (not a big deal at all) this comment will be late.

    Hayate rules. To be honest, I didn’t notice the animation until I saw them compared next to each other. Synergy wins.

    I thought that the story was certainly better, but I also felt like the comedy was turned down slightly. There was less breaking the 4th wall and things of that sort, which I love amazingly. Not a big deal, as I really enjoyed this series overall. the endings were great. Cruel Angel’s Thesis? AWESOME.

    I too am hoping for a third season, as Hayate is one of my favorite shows.

  3. Bill October 13, 2009 / 08:41

    I forgot to watch the 3 last episodes because of Disgaea.

    • glothelegend October 14, 2009 / 01:25

      That, I can not believe. Disgaea must be retardedly addicting. I must never play it lest I fail out of school.

  4. Nyarth October 13, 2009 / 17:03

    @gelosut9 Really? Cuz I think that the colour palette used for this season was at a lower quality. Compared to Snergy’s palette which seems more polished and professional.

    @glo Yes yes Episode 12 was the greatest episode of all.

    @Bill First Umineko and now Disgaea!? Hehe Maria + Etna ftw

  5. elperrito999 October 21, 2009 / 23:14

    :D I WUZ HERE :D

    • Nyarth October 21, 2009 / 23:17

      Congrats. Have a cookie puppy.

  6. FFFFFFF July 12, 2011 / 08:36

    Noticed the animation change straight away and got pissed. SynergySP > JC Staff

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