Seitokai no Ichizon 03 – Lilishia-chan~!

Just as I suspected, a new bi-shoji character appears! (look above) Like always, all the bland jokes, references and pantsu flashing are still (mostly) present in this 3rd instalment.

More moral sayings said by the wise Kurimu.

Much to my disappointment, this episode still is mostly based upon in the Student Council HQ, with the only possible far away place we are shown is the hallway they always walk through after school, and a full view of what it looks like of the school. Still, it was a pretty good episode (attempting to be positive).

What this episode is about really is the bi-shojo Journalism Club’s President, Lilishia Toudou (Whom I mistakenly referred to her as “Ririshia” in previous posts -_-), the first new character appearing in the anime, having interviews with all the members of the student council. Of course, being Seitokai no Ichizon, the interviews were pretty much bland in general and wasn’t pretty much an interview at all. In the midst of this initial plot we learn several fun things and background info upon several characters;

  • Lilishia is the 5th most popular girl casted in the Popularity Contest and seems to hold an apparent grudge upon the Student Council. Common reasons for this is that she didn’t get chosen for the job and feels very jealous.
  • Ken admits that he had “two-timed” back n his days in middle school. After confirming the rumour published in the School Newsletter by the Journalism Club.
  • Chizuru’s only crush is Petanko-chan Aka-chan, apparently.
  • The “Ken two timing back in Middle School” article wasn’t the first news upon the Student Council published in the newsletter, articles regarding Kurimu, Minatsu, Mayufu and Chizuru have appeared in the past, as stated by Chizuru’s handbook.

The references and jokes seemed to have died down as well as I didn’t really spotted any references/parodies (or perhaps they were either outdated or not heard of worldwide). Heck, they even admitted of making a reference to some extremely old catchphrase some old guy made when Lilishia made weird hand gestures and saying “Good bye” 3 times after interviewing Minatsu (someone elaborate please). Not forgetting during Minatsu’s interview, she blatantly referred to Index (most probably To Aru Majutsu no Index) and Baka Test as the best favourites she’s ever read.

On a different note, Lilishia’s voice actor, Noto Mamiko, is the first and probably the only popular and known voice actor in the cast and to have starred in several other anime (To see the whole list, click here). Here’s a brief list of other animes she had starred in;

  • Yell in Akikan!
  • Hakko in CANAAN
  • Kotomi in Clannad
  • Yuka in Elfen Lied
  • Rin in Inuyasha
  • Norainu in Kampfer
  • Kouta in Kanokon
  • Nodoka in Negima
  • Haruka in Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
  • Tomoe in Queens Blade
  • Hecate and Fumina in Shakugan no Shana
  • Cordelia in Valkyria Chronicles
  • Tiffania in Zero no Tsukaima

Reminiscing the character’s voices in this list, I can clearly remember the soft and polite voice Noto still holds. And it appears Lilishia bears the same.

Anyways, enjoy the fair quality screen grabs I took below;

From bi-shonen character to a materialized form of creeps. Haha
What every man desires.
I sense
I sense many references from other ecchi anime during this scene. Just like Keima's dream in TWGOK...
Nice boat.
Huh... Nice boat.
Jigglypuff strikes again.
Thanks for the conclusion, captain obvious.
I had o idea what they were planning to do with that double...
Lilishia-chan~! Also combining screen shots is a pain.
+1 Agreed!
I demand that white puff of smoke and all the other appearances to be obliterated in the DVD release.

+2 Agreed!
+3 Agreed!

We now know the target area of Sayori's age.

+4 Agreed!
+5 Agre- actually, haven't read the light novel/manga yet...
... is all I can say.
OMGZ Ken has lost it!

Ah... I've seen this many times in other romantic comedy animes...
Soft, hard, soft, hard, haha
NUOOOO! Mayufu-chan's saved data!!!!!
Quick! We must find the antidote! Stat!
What every mature looking characters does.

In an instant. Wow.
The only pantsu shot in the whole episode. Savour it as much as you can.
Wolverine parody?
The (rated for all ages) phase is used to prevent several campaigns from taking legal action.
Quick! Name all the H-Games Ken is standing upon!!
-GASP- The only serious scene of the episode.
Kurimu just had to say it at the end.

Anyways, as always can’t wait for episode 4, looks good by judging the preview. And I still demand an episode where they all actually GO OUT into the beach and have a mizugi special. Or maybe an onsen special whatever’s possible.


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  1. Combined screenshots are a pain, but you sure did a nice job with them.

    About Mamiko Noto, it’s quite special to see her doing an ojou-role instead of some silent soft chara. Still funny to see it though.


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