London MCM Expo October 2009

The reason I’m a few days late of posting this well… post, is because the day after the expo I had to go some place else for the day, delaying this post (-_-‘). But well, here it is! What pretty much happened at the 16th bi-annual London MCM Expo! What an awesome day it was…

Note: I went on Sunday, not Saturday. Suffered severe painful memories when I went on a Saturday…

Actually, it was the WORST unprepared Expo day for me in ages. Compared to the previous 6 cons I went to, this has got to be the worst (unprepared, that is)… Due to the following stand-alone reasons;

  • Sister taking control of camera, making me stuck with my crappy integrated 2MP camera on my phone.
  • In a more detailed manner, the integrated 2MP camera on my phone was dying too, as it was nearly impossible to take shots when it was auto focusing for practically forever…
  • …meaning only a 20% chance of successful capture. With 99.99% of it becoming blurred (which was better than nothing and are used in this post).
  • Not enough time to take pics of cosplayers.
  • The manga I planned to buy ran out of stock, or either someone else brought it the day before or many hours ago.
  • Came in late. Meaning didn’t have time to completely walk around and stuff.
  • I was hungry the whole time and the food there was expensive.

Other than the negative parts of the day. In the end, it turned out pretty well.

The expo in general included many dealers coming in selling their selection of Anime/Manga goods, several actors from several TV shows attended too, signing autographs for die-hard fans, many unpopular comic artists attended too and even Ando-sensei, known for directing this years Summer Anime CANAAN and the head of Bones Animation, Minami-sensei flew from Japan and over to England for a quick panel slash interview (who only came on Saturday which I did not go…)

Games on the other hand were more heavily focused in the expo, even taking almost 39% of the venue. Had a play on a demo of Bayonetta (which was mainly featured, even haying its own large stand). Gotta say from the 5 minutes of game play before one of the staff who came in and kicked me out for being a minor that Bayonetta is one mothereffing kick ass game. Totally going on my wish list this Christmas. Tekken 6, Fairytale Fights, Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden 2 and many more were also featured with many filled stands, and by filled stands I mean TOTALLY filled stands. Haven’t had a chance to have a go since everyone else hogged each gaming station -_-.

Avatar seems to be a main contender in the Expo as well. As I saw many Avatar posters and ads everywhere, thinking its the “Avatar” cartoon but turning out to be an upcoming movie and game… And by the way, most of the stands where you play the games were mostly on the 360, some on Wii and hardly any on PS3 (I wonder why). In other news, a sneak peek demo of Star Trek ONLINE was featured at the Expo too, only saw 3 or 4 people playing on those computers, can’t say why. Haha

And finally, before I go haywire and crazy is that THE EFFING AWESOME H STAND IS BACK!!!! ZOMG!!!!! Well, a Yaoi stand and another smaller H stand were present too but I’m more focused on the larger H stand at this point. OMG OMG THEY HAD LIEK, BOXES OF LOADED DOUJINSHI AND.. AND… HAD LARGE SHEETS OF DAKIMAKURA COVERS ON THE WALL WITH BISHOJO CHARACTERS (obviously with their chest and nether region covered with A4 pieces of papers with famed internet memes written on them…) AND MANY MORE ON OFFER!!!

Of course, the stand was packed with many 18+ males, archiving all the boxes of compiled doujinshi while the rest were chatting up and attempting to haggle down the staff on the dakimakuras. The dakimakura’s price in general were based around £35-£70 ($57/5271yen – $114/10542yen) which I was planning to but shamefully reconsidered after looking at the price tag. But even if I did or had the courage to haggle the covers down, I wouldn’t be able to since all the stuff there were technically only for 18+ to buy and me being a minor, well… you know the process.

Unfortunately though, I couldn’t take any pictures like I shamelessly did last time since the hoard of people were blocking my phone camera’s view on the dakimakuras on the wall and the doujinshi on the table with their fapped filled hands.

I had a look at the Dakimakura catalogue they had on the stand (30-40 seconds of hesitation there took place) and gone through the pages, seen many bishojo characters and even lolis (yes, LOLIS) starring on the covers, even having Shana and the all the girls in Clannad. Luckily no one really witnessed me looking through the H induced catalogue and after putting the folder down, I slowly disappeared away.

Onto cosplayers, it seems like to me, compared to the Expo in May, the amount of cosplayers had drastically grown to the doubled amount from the pack in the Expo in May. Now like I said at the intro, I didn’t have enough time to take any pictures of them. But I might as well make a list of what I saw many people cosplayed;

  • Rin/Len/Miku/ect from the Vocaloid Family (weird that there were like 12 Rins and Lens and 20 Mikus)
  • Final Fantasy Characters
  • Mio/Yui from K-ON!’s ED (FUKK YEAH!)
  • Saito/Louise from Zero no Tsukaima
  • Main cast of Dragonball
  • Main cast of Pokemon
  • Main cast of Yugioh
  • Pedobear
  • The guy on the upcoming game Modern Warfare 2 art cover.
  • The monster dude in Fallout 3
  • Shana from… you should know
  • Haseo from .hack
  • KOEI stars
  • Characters from D. Gray-Man (strangely there were many cosplaying characters off this series)
  • Pacman (in a LARGE cardboard suit)
  • Excalibur from Soul Eater (strangely in an oversized form)
  • The Death Note book itself
  • Pocky box
  • Characters from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Characters from Death Note
  • Characters from Code Geass
  • Characters from TTGL
  • Characters from… ah what the hell…
  • Sailor Fukus
  • Cast of Hetalia
  • Samurais
  • God damn Furries
  • Gothic lolitas/french maid outfits
  • Weeaboo Ninjas (not Naruto this time)
  • Otakus and NEETS

Might as well end it here before I lag on and drag this post into a fun scrolling blog post. But yeah, those were the many characters I saw people cosplayed as. And as always there many Bleach cosplayers (24 Ichigos O.O) as much as Naruto- hey, hold on a sec I just realised that there really weren’t much Naruto cosplayers on Sunday, not even many going as Naturo. Could this be the end of the world? Or did the western world lost the appeal in the ever-loving Naruto? Meh.

Out of all the cosplayers I’ve seen on Sunday, I have to say that the Vocaloid idols and Bleach were the most cosplayed throughout the whole day. To be precise, I seen like, 13 or 15 Mikus, 5 or 6 pairs of Rin and Len, and like over 200 Bleach cosplayers. Most notable group of cosplayers has to go with the Hetalia pack, with many fangirls rushing up to the group to take pictures after the expo had ended. The most rarest of cosplayers of the day, as in only 1 or 2 people cosplayed throughout the day, has to go to either, Shana, main characters of Zero no Tsukaima and Mio and Yui from K-ON! Really, I only saw only one female who cosplayed off Shana, a pair going as Saito and Louise from ZnT and a girl pair of Mio and Yui (in their “Don’t Say Lazy” music video outfits). And no I did not cosplay.

What I also found really profound was that I saw many females wearing knee socks (cosplay or not cosplay) bearing what I call (and what you may call) Zettai Ryouiki. Where the knee socks go up to a certain point in the woman’s legs with a little gap of skin (thighs) exposed sandwiched together with a skirt. Click here to read more about it. Now with a little personal experience, I haven’t commonly seen any female on the street leave a gap of skin exposed when they wear a skirt and knee socks, even if they did, out of the majority they wear the knee socks straight up underneath the skirt -_-‘. But on Sunday, it seems like every female (cosplaying or not) decides to switch the trend and expose their bare thigh skin. By the way, most Zettai Ryouiki shown at the expo were mostly at Grade C to B. With a few at a D grade and some even at an A grade. S grades were not found in my case. E? Not really as they just didn’t wear knee socks or even normal socks at all.

Some failed photos I took with my crummy 2MP Camera via phone can be seen below;

R2D2 with the guy controlling it sanding in the background!
At first I thought this was the life-sized Warthog found in Halo but turned out to be an ordinary army truck thing. Or is it? o.O!
At the Aliens vs Predator stand. Not really surprised to see men in suits there…
Fairytale Fights showcase here. Weird it has the new PS3 logo but the stand below it is a 360 instead.
Outside the West (?) side entrance of the ExCeL Center in London at 5:15pm…
Looking towards to the River Thames Docks…
All the freebies the expo had to offer. Mostly just leaflets and posters about upcoming films, games and anime. Oh and including the show guide at the bottom right.
What I brought at the expo, being Hayate Volume 12, a Miku wallet and Letraset fineliners and Markers.
Close up shot of the Miku wallet.

On a totally different note, look at the difference between the west entrance to the ExCeL Center during the 6 month interval…

See the hidden difference?

I can’t put my finger on it….

Oh! Ohhh!! Look what I also brought too with my sister! (yes, I have a onee-chan)


I brought a sword! =D

Well that’s all I have to say for now really. Had a nice (fairly) time at this October’s London Expo. Looking foward to attending next years Expo in May, in which high hopes I save up to get a Gundam Model Kit (planned to buy one this year, but had to use it on something else), buy more Letraset markers and pens (Letrasets are AWESOME!) and most of all, to get myself a decent personal camera to take with me.

Oh! And just a final last note, if any of you were at the Expo on Sunday, you might have catched a glimpse of me as I apparently stuck a sticker on my t-shirt’s left shoulder which looked like this;

In fact, it’s the very one.

If any of you saw that then congrats! You’re one of the first people to have seen or catch a glimpse me in person from the interwebz. Next time, I might make it more noticable by making a badge or something. Or even ironing my own T-shirt. Haha

I now end my post.

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