Pandora Hearts: Sleeping-face Series Omake 04

The 4th Oh mah keh has arrived along with the 4th DVD Volume of Pandora Hearts! And what a fun 3 minute omake this is. As I can easily blog about at a short time frame ^_^. Forget what I just said.

First Oz, second shota Gil, third bishounen Gil. Makes sense.
Ermm... If you put it that way... yea...
Being a omake of course they have to break the fourth wall.

Anyways, this is all about a chibi/deformed version of Alice and Echo running errands, which in this case, grocery shopping for food. Ending with nice and nasty surprises, if I believe right. No particular theme is present in this 4th omake, but since during the short time intermission cuts depict a selection of the characters sleeping, I might as well make this post called “The Sleeping-face Series”, as it says in the translations.

Screenshots are shown below.