While watching Seitokai no Ichizon RAW episode 5 on WAO via Megavideo, close to the end of the episode, it suddenly stops, playing out a message from Megavideo that I “watched 72 minutes of video today” and that I should “wait 54 minutes to watch another 72 minutes”. As since Megavideo is currently known for its assholish behaviour by limit non premium members a certain amount of minutes the user is allowed to view at a certain interval.

But as a matter in fact, this is the only video I watched on Megavideo today. Sure the episode is 24 minutes or so long, but that leaves 48 minutes left of my free video time. So I have no idea why Megavideo suddenly stopped my viewing pleasure saying that I watched an hour and 12 minutes of video. Either it must be glitch in the system, or Megavideo is being the assholes they truly are.



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    1. I used Illimitux a couple of months back, it was useful after a while, that is, until it seems the add-on thing wasn’t working anymore and the people behind it weren’t bothered enough to fix it. Foxy Proxy was another option, but the options and settings baffled me 3_3


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