Winter Anime 2009/10

15 titles confirmed at the moment for Winter 2010!? Wow this is like… the first time I’ve seen the fewest Anime series batch confirmed to be airing in the same season. Well above here is the 1st version to Chartfag’s visual Winter 2010 preview (click on the image to see in full) so it’ll get updated in about a months time when I predict more anime titles will be confirmed and green lit for release. Overall for now, the titles look pretty decent to me.

The most notable anime I can see in the preview is the Anime adaption of Baka Test, since it was mentioned in the third episode of Seitokai no Ichizon and beforehand, I saw it in a double pager in the 10th 2009 issue of Newtype (Japanese ver.). Other titles that had instantly took interest to me is Dance in the Vampire Bund, reading news articles upon it a few months ago green lit for production, I had a hunch that this was going to be good. After all, it has loli vampires AND animated by the lolicons-in-disguise people of Shaft. Hopefully they’ll meet the deadlines this time for the animation process so that the anime won’t turn into another shameless slide show (you should know the direct reference).

Another title that caught my eyes as well is Okami Kakushi, which seems like a re-incarnate of Higurashi as it’s written by the same author as Higurashi and Umineko. Following the trend of re-incarnates, Katanagatari seems promising as its written by the same author of the Bakemonogatari light novels, only this time its done by the guys at White Fox, Durarara! as well, but this time it’s from the creators of Baccano!!… SoRaNoWoTo, apparently an anime original, predicting it’ll have some sort of success, as from all the other anime original series I’ve seen yet, have some sort of high social status…

Chu-Bra!! ? Seems to be another shameless 99% fanservice anime. And be warned, it’ll contain a lot of flashing panties flying all about.

Surprisingly this time, I won’t be making an assumption on what titles I’m planning to watch, as there are only 15 for now which will likely to be expanded later on, plus, I’m not really in the spot to be planning more anime to watch as I already added 80+ anime on my Plan to Watch list on MAL…

On a side note, I would just like to say wow… being now officially November it’s nearly been a whole year since I’d began watching weekly airing anime, from just following 2 or three series in a season to almost 80% of the titles the season has to offer. On the other hand it’s almost been 10 months since I began writing posts in this blog and became accustomed in the Anime blogging community. A few months later, it’ll be the 1st anniversary of the creation of NnE. Time sure flies.

Well back to marathoning Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai.


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  1. HAHAHA I’ve actually heard of the Chu-Bra manga….that’s going to be ridicluous (I’m not gonna watch it). I actually don’t think I’ll watch anything on this list….Qwaser seemed kinda cool..I mean, he gets his power from breast milk, so that’s likely to create a lot of weird ass shit.


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