Limited Edition Nogizaka Mika Dakimakura Announced!


Yes that’s right, recently posted in the Dengeki Moeoh Blog, Nogizaka Mika (the prepubescent loli from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu) will be getting her own limited edition dakimakura! As Mika being my most favourite character out of the series, like I always say DO WANT!

So after transcribing what the post says in the post, it seems it’ll be released on November 30th for a limited time at a certain shop somewhere in Japan, or otherwise, mail order from the internet (google/babel failed on me). The dakimakura will be (the way I see it) at a life-size perspective of Mika, meaning it’ll be 160cm long, and 50cm wide. Material for the cover will be a certain type of Polyester I heard. Note that they’ll only be supplying the cover, not the body pillow itself. Oh, and only in Japan so tough luck guys. The dakimakura will be priced around 9000yen (+shipping and Tax I believe), meaning it’ll be priced at around $100 this week for all you yanks and for me, at a  ridiculously expensive price of around £60.

The dakimakura is now available for pre-order.

Note: I’m not really keen on the Japanese language so the information stated here might not be accurate.


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  1. I’m glad I was of any help. ARIA is always relevant to my interests. :3
    Time to check that scanlated doujin out now


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