Seitokai no Ichizon 05

Just when I thought it was going to be a swimsuit special this week, I was right. But, with a little twist. You’ll see why later on.

Chizuru's moefication COMPLETE.

Regarding about what I mentioned at the start of this post, yes, I predicted god damn right that this was going to be a swimming suit special, I even made a hunch before this series even began. But much to my satisfaction of my hunch being true…

Turns out to be STILL taking place in the Student Councils room.

I SWEAR in the preview of episode 5 in the previous episode I’d seen them outside on a beach. But I guess it was some mistake, AND all the characters and the setting will be forever cursed to be only taking place in the Student Council room and on the school premises…

Kurimu is as loli as ever.
Minatsu's hair down is full of win.

It’s apparently now officially SUMMER TIME in the world of Seitokai no Ichizon at Hekiyoh Gakuin, being summer and all means the blazing hot sun and a slight change to the Japanese school uniforms. But, due to a sudden breakdown of the Air Conditioner in the Student Council room, and the bearing hot temperature coming in and out, Kurimu, Chizuru, Minatsu and Mayufu resort to wearing fully fledged swim suits while Ken is forced to wear upon a blindfold, you know, to prevent his active sexual hormones rising.

Later on in the ep, in the midst of the constant chattering taking place, we learn more about everyone’s actual school life, not just life in the Student Council room. Also in the process, we learn that Mayufu barely has any friends in the school, despite having many whom she met through online games. You know, the usual SnI slice of life material.

Better yet, we also learn that Kurimu still plays in the sandbox, and wearing the Summer Uniform is that of an advantage as you don't have to roll up your sleeves when playing...haha
I SO want... that blindfold.

This had me made realise to wonder at what time of the day when everyone gathers in the Student Council room. As it appears to me it doesn’t just take place after school, since in this episode, it seems to be taking place in the middle of the day. But that doesn’t mean they’re missing out on their lessons and stuff? That’s what really baffles me about SnI…

Even though I don’t really have much sympathy upon 2D characters, but even so I feel the same if I were in Ken’s shoes. Having to blindfold yourself when there’s a harem in mizugi in front of you, then suddenly trapped in a portable locker, trapped and left behind into the middle of the night then getting pounded by one of the teachers. I feel for ya’ Ken.

You might not notice here but... Ken is locked inside that locker.
Ken has officially become one with the locker.
The locker was unlocked all this time. Haha
Finally been found in the middle of the night. Surely Kurimu and the rest will have a little scolding right?

References and jokes seem to have died down a little in this episode, as I can at least only identify 2 or 3 references made from other anime out there.

I never knew D:

Other significant happenings in this episode;

BL returns...
Mayufu reveals her true self. Well, actually brainwashed by Minatsu.
Chizuru's true nature in class.
Still can't believe that Kurimu and Chizuru are seniors...
Man Kurimu looks s cute in this shot <3

Also a little note, there seems to be a bit of a season setting confusion going on in SnI, as the main story itself, in this episode, takes place during the start of the Summer, yet this anime as a whole is airing in the Fall and about to become Winter season, this hunch strengthens as in the second eye catch of this episode, it shows a photo shot of the members of the Student Council on a Winter’s snowing day… Strange huh?

Soo coming up in the next terrifying episode…

Oh yes. There will be blood.


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