A Little Update (Just a little, I swear!)

Apologies for the lack of any new content on this blog to feast your eyes upon to this last week. Its been a tough 2/3 to week for me, just experienced my first proper exam (Mathematics to be precise) at high school (also nice timing since it was on Friday 13th). Meaning I was crazily revising/studying for the past week or so. Also adding a few homework assignments I’ve been given (-1).

By the way, the exam was easy at first but when came to the last question on the paper, -didnt knew the answer- and I was all like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-. In my mind btw, not out loud (due to obvious reasons). The only good thing about the exam was that several people’s desk collapsed and everyone around almost bricked about it…haha

So to celebrate my first exam achievement I single-handedly brought two 360 games beforehand (lolwut) to play being just a shabby way to activate my Xbox Live account again (gamertag is “exNyarth”, since some French guy took Nyarth -_-). The two games are obviously X Blades and Eternal Sonata.

The guy at the counter was giving me the evos while purchasing these games.

After playing 2-3 hours or so on each games last night, I can safe to say for now…

X Blades: Totally insane game. Took me at least one hour to pass through a level. And as I said several hours ago on my Twitter I discovered an achievement that you get 50G for defeating 5 MILLION monsters. Thats right. 5 MILLION. 5, 000,000 FREAKING MONSTERS. Die-hard much? Another crazy achievement is to pass through a level (and the whole story) without losing ANY FORM OF HEALTH. Really now I had to use 20 healing potions or whatever they were called again to pass through a level. As all the monsters were constantly ganging up on me and slashing me to bits. Sheesh. The plot seems a bit bland at first, not explain though as well to grasp if you haven’t read the summary in the instruction manual. Graphics seems to vary a LOT in this game.

As there are 2D hand drawn designs of the characters, to the blocky 3D graphics I see in the manual, to the cell-shaded graphics you are presented in the cut-scenes and the game itself. I read on Sankaku a while ago that the box cover designs vary from the Japanese 360 design and the PS3 design, while the North American cover has been changed completely. But luckily, it seems the UK version has been left untouched (+1 for England!). Lastly, no original Japanese dialogue in this game, only restricted to the crappy English dub and a additional French.

Also the game seems to be totally localised into the western market, as the BGM seems to all rap and punk music. Pretty much like what they did for the localised version of Beyblade. But they retained the original names at least. Which I bet they are already regretting upon…

Box cover difference say wut?

Eternal Sonata: Pretty unique RPG I played yet. Apparently the story centers all round on Chopin’s last dream resting on his deathbed (the famous piano player guy in the late 1800s). Nice battle system where you can do whatever you want under a set limited time (5 seconds average or so) and the story seems to be pretty decent. Of course, the BGM is all based upon Chopin’s music pieces and works, in fact, this game also gives you a lesson on Music appreciation, as some mini games as I call where you morph two music pieces into one, and you get graded upon it’s compatibility.

By the way, playing this game through the original Japanese dialogue. As it’s not as annoying with the cheesy English dub the localised game has been given. Bad points on this game… well, while in field mode, the camera position seems to be set at a certain fixed angle, meaning you can’t mover the camera position around to fit your desires. So you’ll either have to wear a pair of glasses or squint your eyes to see your character as they waltz off far away into the unknown fields.

Better yet, when you walk into a house, feel the Pokemon RPG experience once more as it’s just a shoebox styled angled layout of the interior design. Kinda limits the “exploration” feel you get in RPG games eh. Also Aya Hirano voicing Polka is effing win.

Other games I’m atm playing hmm… well currently down loading the Touhou packs and Umineko to play with when my new laptop arrives next year (yea thats right, my laptop is apparently planned to be coming “early next year”).

Wow, this post first started with my personal issues, to some regular gaming updates post. The power of the web archiving effect it seems.

That’s all I have to say for now. SnI 06 post in the drafts for now.

Update: Dayum, didn’t realised I miss-spelt “Update” D:


4 thoughts on “A Little Update (Just a little, I swear!)

  1. X Blades huh? I’ve actually heard of that game. Too bad I can’t play any games since my 360 got the RRoD.

    I then fixed the RRoD (successfully, without the towel trick) and then after playing it for about an hour, I got the RRoD again.

    At this point, I’m not going to buy a new 360 until Mirror’s Edge II comes out (Mirror’s Edge was the only reason why I bought the 360 in the first place).


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