Seitokai no Ichizon 06

When Kurimu wants to be red SHE WANTS TO BE RED!! and also HNNNNG!

LOL HAXX! Actual sense of plot development appearing in this episode! More but limited background info on Minatsu and Mayufu! And lets not forget the recycled parodised references this anime always and continues to hold! Apologies for being TOTALLY off the deadline on this post. Find out why by reading this apparent “short” post.

Wise words as spoken by the wise Satori-sensei.

Wow nothing much but yet a LOT happened in this episode. So the Student Council has been trusted in developing a theme for the upcoming Cultural Festival which is happening in Fall, despite being the beginning of Summer and blatantly being months early than it should. But since its Hekiyou they like to plan things ahead eh… Everybody instantly begins to brainstorm ideas (I think you all know what themes each character has in mind…) then explains in further detail about their ideas.

I for one agree with Ken.
Witty Haruhi reference is witty.

Chizuru steps into the room, bringing more useless Hinamizawa bitching…

HAHA don’t you just love Satori-sensei? :3

Witty Higurashi reference is witty.
Heh. Getting sent to Rokkenjima is MY dream.

Once that’s over we’re presented with the epicentre of the episode, the reason how this episode came to be…I’ll shut up now and present you with this screenshot;


Yea that’s right, MINATSU AND MAYUFU ARE GOING TO FREAKING TRANSFER!!!!! -insert witty shocking face here-

Apparently some shit is going on within their family, in which this case their mother is going to move to the “mainland” (remember remember that SnI takes place in HOKKAIDO, the Northern part of Japan) to marry her new apparent new boyfriend. Since Minatsu and Mayufu’s parents splitted up when they were still young, Minatsu and Mayufu’s mother began seeing this new guy, which Minatsu seems to reject. Because of this Minatsu and her mother were always on bad terms, and riots and arguments seem to be a common thing to experience once per day in their lives.

Ken has an idea!? =0
Yep. As expected of Ken.

But the most important thing about this matter is that is they’re gonna transfer, THEY’RE GONNA HAVE TO MOVE SCHOOLS, AND THE STUDENT COUNCIL WILL BE IN SHAMBLES!!! (With only Kurimu and Chizuru- am I missing someone?) Have to say, I feel for Minatsu (Not really Mayufu, since she just copies and follow what Minatsu does) since it’s really a hard decision this, either moving into the mainland with their mother and having the chance to see their BIOLOGICAL DAD (since they didn’t really distinguish their TRUE dad’s face when they were young), or remain staying in Hokkaido and have the last final riot with her mother. But really, just to remind you that they ARE in high school so isn’t it more easier and normal to live by themselves and stuff? Really…

Thinking of a way to persuade Minatsu into staying, Kurimu decides to give in and use Minatsu’s snazzy shonen battle manga theme for the Cultural Festival. Then an uproar breaks as Minatsu and Kurimu fight it out as to who’ll be the Red Power Ranger. Seriously, what the fffffffffff- The plan to persuade Minatsu an Mayufu to stay is then instantly overlooked.

Feeling he should do something, Ken confronts Minatsu at the rooftop of the school in front of the setting sun, chasing after her after running off from the Student Council room. A typical lovey dovey slash reconciliation theme you find in slice of life high school going animes. Ken starts to blabber nonsensical words, and the most notable remark he said, is that he’ll literally visit them from Hokkaido to the mainland every week. Being it’s an impossible thing to do, as the travel fees to travel to the mainland from Hokkaido is fairly expensive, Ken has acquired a trump card as he found a job which pays 10k yen an hour. Cookies to anyone who know what that particular job is. Looking into Ken’s eyes, Minatsu believes Ken was actually being serious about all that.

3cm skirts.... Now that would be something.

The next day…

Good news! and bad news…

The good news;

OMFGZ!!!!11 MINATSU AND MAYUFU DECIDED TO STAY!!!!! =0 Since their mother decided to put off the marriage until the end of the semester. Meaning they’ll be around until Kurimu and Chizuru’s graduation!!

The bad news…

Well there really isn’t one. HAHAHA SUKORZ!!! GOT HIGH HOPES ON THE NAD NEWS EH?

Overall, most serious episode yet. Nice to see some serious business going on in 2-3 episode intervals. Perhaps an even more serious matter (world domination?) will occur in the last few episodes to end the anime run with a blast…haha Parodies portrayed in this episode were still quite blunt as the previous, still it brought back the old Haruhi and Hinamizawa references, newcomers include Snake-kun and… and… well that’s all I can remember at the moment but I’m pretty sure there’s a little more.

Witty Snake cameo is witty.
Erm... Kill Bill?

Next time… expect some Aka x Chizu bathing yuri action. As prominently mentioned in the preview.

Onsen special??? :9

Well to end this post here some screenshots I left out while production of this post;

Ken X Kurimu  or  Ken X Harem with Kurimu



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