Seitokai no Ichizon 07 – Moé + Kyun = Mokyun?

Yes yes I know, another late post. Been marathoning anime this past week to make up for the lost time LAST week due to exams. Man I’m so behind on things… Nevertheless, I was able to find some time to write-up this SnI episodic review! (hey hey hey! found new name for it!) Bwahahaha…

Firstly, I would just like to say… Most. Wasted. Episode. EVUR!!

So the student council decides to take a trip from Sapporo (which appears to be where they currently live), Hokkaido all the way to Tokyo in the mainland! Since being Summer vacation and they virtually didn’t do shit in the council room at school and just lazed around


Surely this isn’t the normal Ken and Chizuru…

Tell me again, why are they at school in the summer?


So the episode mainly takes place in the apartment of an inn they’re staying at in Tokyo for 4 days and three nights, apparently. And all the usual antics of the Student Council takes place there. Including Ghost Story telling, cosplaying and role-playing (which made me go wtf half way through) random characters including a sheep in this case. The episode ends with them coming back to Sapporo all defeated as travelling to Tokyo was no different than what they did at school. So all that hard earned cash for the tickets, gone. But the good thing is that it seems Chizuru as found a new personality, detailes will be said later.

If any of you people have been following the manga, then you would’ve notice that this episode loosely bases off the ghost stories told in the 3rd chapter of the manga (and maybe a chapter from the Light Novel), with a few minor tweaks to the story and setting.

Parodies and jokes still stale in this episode, as they’re the most quite obvious ones, including Wiis, PS2s, DSs cameo’d in Mayufu’s suitcase, recycled Resident Evil Zombie thing, which they used in episode 3 and was also pointed out, and the hidden parodies and jokes like when Kurimu almost referred to Kotetsu from Hayate when she states that using the train is one of the fun parts of travelling…

Kotetsu has a website?
Ken sire catches on quickly...

The rotten zombie freak in question…

Studio Deen is running out of its trademark jokes, it seems.

Overall, like I said in the beginning, totally wasted episode this. Most (anticipated) disappointing episode for me yet. The only good things about it was that they actually combo breaker’d the setting only taking place in the Student Council room and actually gone outside! That is, it still takes place in some SORT of room… In which this case, in an inn. Oh and also, Chizuru seemingly finding a new personality of a sheep and constantly calling “~mokyu!” at the end of each sentence.

~de gowasu?? Wait WUT?
Seriously, WUTT?
So... Seitokai no Ichizon, an anime about a Student Council. Apparently.

Next episode sounds promising (pleeeease be) as I spotted a loli in the pre- WAIT WAH!???


Okay, next episode will DEFINITELY BE AWESOME. I hope.

Now for a random update report…

I’ve updated the Categories now, I decided to discard the “Anime Series for each category” rule and just state it in the tags, as it’ll be much more convenient and preventing the categories list from being cluttered. Episodic and Review sub-categories has been added under the main Anime category for more flexibility. The Episodics category will all contain posts reviewing each individual (or more) episodes of a series (like this one) and Review will contain overall reviews of finished airing (or currently airing…) anime I decided to write. Enjoy.

One (or two) last note;

I demand de-censoring in the DVD release.
Otaku rage much?