Seitokai no Ichizon 08

To “briefly” summarise this whole episode; Ken walks in with a delicious loli known as Erisu, the rest suspect Ken of being a lolicon while he plays games with Erisu, where she basically totally pwns him at every game while boosting everyone’s suspicions on Ken being a lolicon. Kurimu becomes unsuspectingly annoyed with this and says that Erisus is interrupting the Student Council meeting (surely this must be an excuse for an even more obvious reason) and challenges her to some sort of DUEEEEEEL, where it includes quizzes based on most of the major lessons you’d find in Japanese schools such as Japanese Literature, Maths and… well that’s about it really.

Loli target insight!

Heau heau heau....

Things become more serious when Ken was on the verge of being fired as vice chairman of the Student Council by Kurimu after admitting, that he would still stay by Erisu’s side in the future, despite if the possibilities of her becoming fat or ugly. Whereas (if you look back to the first episode) Ken said that he would leave Kurimu if she were ever to become fat and ugly. Of course, this matter is shortly resolved after Ken indirectly apologising to her and triggered a flashback to their first day in High School, where Ken “admittedly” confessed his feelings to Kurimu, and that he would make her happy for the rest of her High School life or something. Bleh.

Epic win is epic.
I SO have to learn that someday.
-sniffs- Indeed it is...

You were right all along, Ken.

Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that Erisu was actually playing spy and a dog under the Great Lilishia-chan by unsuspectingly recording all what happened while her time there on tape. Most likely for her evidence for proving that the Student Council is just all talk and just slacks all day via the School Newsletter. It also seems that Lilishia has some discrete feelings for Ken after being caught red-handed by Erisu when she was yet again producing layouts of the School Newsletter with the theme of the Student Council, with a lot of Ken that is…

Must. Kill. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!!!!11!!!!!!!1

Out of all the eight (now nine) currently aired episodes of Seitokai, I can now confidently say that this was the most entertaining episode I’ve seen yet. Lolis, drama, lolis, aluminium, lolis, you get my point. Parodies… well, actually very lacking in this episode, all I remembered was the yet again recycled reference of the Metal Gear from MGS when Ken and Erisu were playing Cat’s Cradle.

Erisu (the loli) on the other hand is surprisingly voiced by the great Ai Shimizu, the second yet notable voice actor starring in this series. You may heard her loli-liek voice from many other anime such as Princess Snow from MAR, Suzuka from Nanoha and who could forget Akari from This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Good pick I see there.

Episode 9, judging from the preview at the end of episode 8 I have no clue what’s it going to be about. But looking at the visuals it seems it’ll contain heavy amounts of Chizuru and flashbacks. Stay tuned~


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