Seitokai no Ichizon 09

Quite serious episode we have had this last week. The student council decides to become a reading club, an old friend (enemy?) of Chizuru’s makes an appearance, and Satori-sensei makes yet another comeback, but this time, she totally pwned America’s eating habits! (AHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Chizuru beats any moisturising cream, proven.

Falling into the beginning of the Fall season, thought up by the Kurimu, the Student Council decides to do a reading session for the first half of the episode. Ken examines what everybody was reading, starting with Kurimu, reading The Little Red Riding Hood (bwahaha!) for the 3 or 4th or so time (apparently now focusing on the Grandmother and the wolf’s relationship). Minatsu, reading a shonen battle manga anthology, Mayufu, BL, nuff said… And finally, Chizuru, reading a book to that of an S&M theme. Ken being intimidated, Chizuru says not to worry as she was just briefly reading it to figure out why that kind of book is present in their school library, and moves on reading a book about fortune-telling, confusing everyone’s impression upon Chizuru’s tastes. Chizuru decides to take a Fortune Telling ritual upon Ken by simple just holding hands, after a while of dead silence, Kurimu out of the blue jumps in, breaking the hank link between Ken and Chizuru and says she was aiming for the Usamaru as an excuse. And the aim for the fortune-telling was to figure out who had feelings of jealousy towards Ken and would most like to break the hand link up.

I wonder how the relationship between the Granny and the Wolf is going...

Suddenly, Chizuru discreetly leaves a letter in front of her seat and decides to call it a day. Confused by her actions, the rest then turn their attention to a letter left on Chizuru’s desk. Just when they were about to open and read it, Satomi-sensei jumps into the room, bringing more random iconic lines and references with her, but most of all decides to read the letter on behalf. The letter was simply an apology letter to someone (written to the Student Council on the envelop) about all things the writer of the letter did to the receiver back in the Junior High days, looking at the name of the sender, known by the name of Kanade.

Over at Chizuru’s side, she meets Kanade, the person who wrote the letter mentioned earlier herself. They then talk about what happened in the past (not bothered explaining it all) and decide to call it even and truths, and that she’s having a fun life with the Student Council.

News flash! Ken has a imouto!!! Age unknown....
Hinamizawa design plain much?

After a slight misunderstanding that the letter wasn’t actually for Kurimu (due to all the similarities upon her traits) the letter was actually for Chizuru who earlier on gone out. Afraid of knowing what she’ll do to them after finding out they read the contents of her private letter, the Student Council breaks out into a panic attack. Taking of the cat, Chizuru comes back, telling them that she deliberately left the letter on the desk, hoping for them to read it by writing at the front that is was for the Student Council as a whole. Earlier on at the start of the episode and indirectly mentioned at the end, there appears to be some deep dark background upon Ken’s past and the first meeting between him and Chizuru, meaning it could be the reason Ken is acting like a typical harem-loving-otaku-hentai he is now maybe? D:

This screenshot... is full of win.

Overall really, this episode has to be the most serious and dramatic episode yet. Kicking episode 6 out of 1st place, which just ended a hysterical way I suppose. I’d must say, the flashback scene where Chizuru passionately holds Ken’s head and meet for the first time, and revealing that both share a similar dark past and later on, the meeting between Chizuru and her old friend slash enemy Kanade was quite heart warming. Sure Clannad is even more I guess, but these scenes make the purpose of the Student Council more worthwhile.

Kanade looks kinda like the younger version of Chizuru. Just realised.
Guess Ken triggered the Death flag.
Awkward silence is awkward.

Chizuru reveals more of her darker side while testing out one her “fortune tellings”…

Chizuru knows her physics.
Mosquito killing spree during her childhood? D:

Anyone know what was the manga Minatsu was reading early in the episode? I’m sure that’s a about to some shonen battle manga, as the pages seem too realistic to be drawn in Deen’s animation studio… The shady Ryuk and Death Note about get recycled again like the Higurashi comeback a few episodes ago. Maybe Studio Deen has run out of permission slips from other companies letting them parodying their material? Hehe…



Satori-sensei no doubt in this episode was just made of win, also makes me wonder why there aren’t many teachers like her IRL…


The scene where Mayufu talks Ken into becoming a homo was hilarious, particularly when Mayufu and Ken battle it out between BL and H games…


Ken forgot the Traps. :O

Well that pretty much wraps up this episode’s post. Episode 10, to at least, no effing clue what’s gonna happen, but I believe it’s for the best… As it might just spoil the meaning of me following this anime’s unique pace.

One last thing;

How I want to be Chizuru soo much in this situation....

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