Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name Review

Nearly a year has passed since the theatrical release of Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name in Japan. But what was kinda strange at first was when I realised that the DVD of the movie came not so long ago (talking about September 30th 2009). Props to the subbers that actually putted in a lot of blood and sweat to fully sub the whole 90 minute or so film. Anyway, watched the movie a couple of days ago and heres my (promised) short review. Keau keau keau…

Just a little personal note to start off, but I just realised something. For all the current 3 Bleach feature-length movies, I’ve always watched them on a Thursday, seriously. Watched the first movie on a Thursday sometime in June 2008, the second on a Thursday in May 2009, and now the third, just this Thanksgiving. Weird huh D:

In the first movie, it was all centring around this mysterious character who proclaims herself as a shinigami, also known as Senna, the second was all focused upon Captain Hitsugaya and his friend-yet-his-enemy-friend Soujirou, now in the third movie, it’s all about Rukia and two orphans she found when she was still living in Rukongai or whatever, Homura and Shizuku. Of course, Aya Hirano, the acclaimed voice actor slash model who voiced Haruhi from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucy from Fairy Tail and Nanael from Queens Blade, takes the role of Homura, and Hiroshi Kamiya, known for voicing Zetsubou Sensei and Araragi from Bakemonogatari voices Shizuku in the movie. Which I did not see any voice comparison…apparently.

So some freak accident happened in Soul Society that made everyone lose their memories, except for Ichigo of course, since he is the main character and has to be the outcast of EVERYTHING… Feeling worried, Ichigo and Kon decide to go to Soul Society to check up on things, only to get attacked by the Shinigami! (Forgot who :P) Things go out of control as everyone is now suspecting Ichigo as the reason of Soul Society falling into turmoil and a hollow at that when witnessing his vizard mask, oh and mysteriously knowing their names. Bla bla bla Rukia also loses her memories as well in the midst of this, only to find these two mysterious new characters who apparently are Rukia’s children or something and for some reason have no name. They show her around the streets of Rukongai, where Rukia was brought up, and treat her to pudding (just kidding).

Rukia again with the deciphering messages.
Ichigo and Kon go skydiving... lucky bastards.
Urahara makes an appearance as a Shinigami, feel the déjà vu... feel it.

Fast forwading to the climax imo these 2 strange siblings decide to fuse into Rukia to become the- wait for it…. the great DARK RUKIA!!!! =OO So everyone heads into battle with this giant monster thing that’s the culprit for the messy grey cob webs that’s spilled across Soul Society while Ichigo and Renji fight Dark Rukia, trying to seperate them three while saving Rukia in the process. However! Proceeding in doing so has a slight chance of success, since in the worst case if all else fails both the siblings and Rukia will just simply die due to something I forgot. But in the end, obviously Rukia is saved and separated from the siblings, returning to her former self. Rukia then remembers a flashback back in the past where she found and rescued two siblings about to be haxx’d by a possessed shinigami, and suddenly realised the names she gave them. That is, Homura and Shizuku. Unfortunately, due to the side effects of gattai’n into a person Homura and Shizuka have a few moments left to live their lives. The whole mood becomes gloomy and dreary as Rukia cries out to them to survive, but in the end, they pass away and disintegrate into the air. KLEENEXX PL0X!!!! =^= And yeah the film ends after the convo between Rukia and Ichigo at the end and Ichigo leaves for the real world. -role the credits-

Mixing the faces between Shizuka, Homura and Rukia.... You get this.
Soon after the face mould deteriorates...
And releases some high class riatsu.

Alright film I guess as the plot in my opinion felt kind if rushed. Would’ve been better I suppose if it were to be the subtle plot in a filler season in the anime… Having Aya and Kamiya was kinda nice and a great choice being the movie guest characters. But I had a feel when watching that Aya did most of the talking when she appeared on the screen, while Kamiya was like just a back up….

Animation was very decent, a bit degraded compared to the anime series in my opinion. Oh and also can’t help but realise that in the last scene the background seems to have been rushed and looks not much less than a shameful water coloured painting…

Really now.

Guess they were running out of time in the production period…

Like with the previous movies, simple opening of the Bleach logo and the title of the movie and a long ass rolling credits ending theme.

The song accompanying the credits is called “Koyoi, Tsuki wa Miezu Tomo”, performed by Porno Graffiti. Also used as the opening theme for one of the Bleach: Heat the Souls game on the PSP.

Nice song, melody sounds relaxing in my opinion. The coloured silhouettes of the zanpakutos flying about in the visuals felt like what you would see when you took a slice of LSD….


Great addition to the line of Bleach movies, but what would’ve been a little better was add a scene in the end where Ichigo returns to the real world. Shame that Ishida, Chad and Inoue didn’t make at least one appearance at all…

I wonder when the fourth film is going to come out…

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