Defeated the Endless Eight, Now onto the Final Boss!

Another Pokemon Platinum post update from me. After 5 months or so of hiatus due to lack of motivation and the addiction I’m having of Eternal Sonata and X Blades atm I have finally returned to the game, finally beating all eight gym leaders! And yes, the iconic Haruhi reference in the post title imo. But it nicely fits in with the eight gym leaders I have to defeat in the game, and believe it not, truly endless indeed.

Trainer card. Yesh noobosh imo.
My posse. Not much really leveled up compared to last time.

My rival, in which this case Ryuichi (based off the most manliness character in Gravitation) has finally acknowledged the distance between my power level between his!

Sure Ryuichi, sure.

Jasmine, the gym leader from the previous Pokemon Era (Johto) decides to take a visit to Sinnoh and just walks around on the tiny sandy patch in Sunyshore City for the whole game. Surely she has more important things to take care of.

Nnnnot really.

So yeah, now with the gym leaders defeated and acquired eight badges, I can now finally take on the Elite Four so I can truy become the ultimate Pokemon Meister! -vomits due to the gay epicness-

I feel so behind on this game…