Hayate Celebrates 5th Anniversary!

A late, but not really late post. Weird imo. I haven’t made a Hayate post in ages since the death of the fairly failed second season… But here I am again with a new and more lenient post. In which this case, the current stand point in the manga.

Just to warn you people, this post contains 100% pure spoiler for HnG. Anyone who hasn’t read ’till this far and wants to be innocent, leave now. For the rest who wants to be ridiculously spoiled, read on!

Epic kickass Nagi is epic.

Now if I retrace my thoughts correctly, the last manga chapter summary I did was back in July or so regarding Chapter 230. Might as well for now skip 20 chapters into the future, Chapter 250 or so to where the Golden Week Arc is at it’s meatiest climax. And yes, HAYATE AND A-TAN HAS FINALLY REUNITED AFTER 10 SUUPER LOONG YEARS!!! BUT WAIT!! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH A-TAN!!!! D:

If you’ve been reading carefully from Chapter 240 or so, you may have been aware of A-tan becoming possessed of some “noble” spirit, says Isumi. Most likely due to the fact that she had a “dark” and “painful” past which made her become attracted to evil ghosts and spirits and other occult things -points at hayate in the end of the world arc- which makes Hayate even more guilty of abandoning Athena ten years ago when he was a shota. The noble spirit that’s possessing A-tan is apparently attempting to steal Hayate’s necklace, known as the “Stones of Bonds”. Came up by Mikado-sama which the purpose of the necklace is to test the bonds of people, relationship and loyalty.

This necklace is very dear to Hayate, since he was given it by Mikado-sama back in the 2nd volume, which later turns out to be a very risky test for Hayate thought up by the old geezer. The catch is basically, if Hayate breaks or loses the stone, Nagi will lose the inheritance to the Sanzenin wealth, and will be passed down to some other unfortunate person. But if the stone gets stolen by an individual, that person will inherit the Sanzenin wealth, meaning Hayate is constantly being targeted by evil people and organisations, trying to snatch the stone off him and claiming it for themselves.

Since Athena and the spirit is trying to get the Stone off Hayate, the key item to open up some fantasy ideal world of some sort, having the same motives thus being compatible and letting the spirit to take over, Hayate has to some way separate A-tan and the angered spirit. Because if he just lets it be, A-tan will forever be united with the noble spirit, and the normal A-tan will disappear and will forever be no more. Says Isumi. But luckily, there is a way to seperate A-tan and the spirit, the only other option is to fully destroy the necklace, the main thing they’re after, since if they destroy the stone and it’s no more, the spirit has no purpose of possessing a vessel and will just disappear, leaving A-tan returning to her normal self. However, in the process Nagi will lose the Sanzenin wealth. Meaning Hayate has to overcome the decision to either;

  1. Let it be, stay with Nagi forever and ever and leave A-tan rot with the spirit.
  2. Destroy the stone, saving A-tan from the endless torture of the angered spirit but in the process, having Nagi losing the Sanzenin inheritance and will then live on the streets. While Hayate will once again be A-tan’s personal butler, while the 15 million yen debt we all forgotten will be passed down to A-tan.
  3. Eat pudding (kidding)

A formidable test for Hayate I suppose. Testing Hayate whether to who is the one he truly cares for the most as his precious, and the happy and character-loving ending like in an average eroge.

Well I just pretty much summarised the whole plot for the climax of this Golden Week Arc. Chapters 250 and 251 are just really about the last day of their Golden Week adventure and Hayate moping around deciding which ending he’ll choose. Chapter 250 btw marks the 5th anniversary of the serialisation of HnG in Shonen Sunday complete with an exclusive HnG art cover for the Shonen Sunday issue, an exclusive colored page on the first page of the chapter and an epic chapter cover depicting Hayate in the middle and A-tan and Nagi beside him. While having A-tan and Nagi’s loli forms below them (shown in the opening image).

Chapter 250 basically just kicks off with the start of the final day of their Golden Week holiday… everybody decides to go shopping together as a last moment shopping spree for souvenirs and stuff while Hayate wanders around indirectly depressed due to the “incident” that happened the night before. The Hamster founds some sickass glasses and for once says something meaningful enough to enlighten the rest somehow, including Hayate in deciding which ending route he’ll go for. Bla bla blah… Nagi and Hayate do some shopping together… blah blah blah… Hayate is a pinch deciding what to do…end of chapter.

Regret. You won't regret it beforehand.

Chapter 251 seems to be the meatiest chapter at the moment. As night falls, only a few hours away until they pack up and head back to Japan… But what better to do than to end their vacation in a bang? Well that’s what they did actually. They all got ready and left their hotel for Greece’s “finest” hotel with a pool. A big pool. Oh and by the way, the hotel is own by the Sanzenins so getting in will be easy as pie. Maria appears once again back in her Maid uniform… Ayumu fails at cracking nuts… The girls get plunged into the pool, regardless of still wearing their casual clothes… fun evening. Hayate for that matter, is mindlessly sitting on the rooftop still thinking as to who he’ll save and stuff… that is, when NAGI APPEARS BEFORE HIM!!! But what a nuisance that it’s the end of the chapter at that point -_-

Is it me? Or did Maria's maid uniform had a little upgrade?
Nice reflexes Maria!
I agree with Nagi. People aren't meant to float -.-

Chapter 252 is, I have to say, the most shocking chapters of all. Really makes me desperately wonder how this’ll turn out in the end and how it’ll affect the main point of this manga. Well, for starters, at the beginning, continuing where chapter 251 left off, Hayate is confronted by Nagi, just single handedly escaping the terrors in the name of a swimming pool (in a new set of clothed btw… Nagi asks Hayate if he’s okay and whatnot… then asks for him to hand over the stone for her to look at. Then after some tedious talking, briefly understanding the main culprit of Hayate’s depression, she- no wait actually, a screenshot would be better for explanation;


Suddenly in a state of shock, Hayate breaks into tears and demands Nagi as to why she did that. Nagi then surprisingly acts all mature for once about this and explains the concept behind misunderstandings and stuff… to the point where she says to Hayate now that since money is no longer protecting her, he now has to protect her full time.

Wuuwow. Epic chapter dare I say. Now that the neckalce is destroyed, I guess A-tan is saved and back to her normal yet dismal self? Did Nagi realised that Hayate’s “confession” at the beginning of this story was actually a misunderstanding? What will happen to Nagi and Hayate when they fly back to Japan!? Many things left unsaid.

Dear God. Can’t wait for the development starting in the next chapter and on, hopefully some agreement between Nagi and the old geezer will come to arise so that the Sanzenin inheritance will be safe. Well for now though, the extravagant Nagi Ending that many people have anticipated for has come true D:

Possible future… perhaps?


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