Pokémon 13th Movie Confirmed – Good Ash and Bad Ash!?

Thought I’d make a post about this after seeing the trailer after the efforts of lurking Youtube. It seems yet another Pokemon film, the 14th in its saga is confirmed and will be theatrically released in Japan on July 10th 2010(the usual time Pokemon Movies are released in theatres in Japan).

The movie will feature the return of the Legendary and uber Pokemon from the much beloved Johto region, in contrast to the recent Gold and Silver remake release it’s no a surprise that this had occur just after the conclusion to the Diamond and Pearl Space Time movie trilogy. Much little source regarding the movie and the plot is kept at a least for the time being as only a 30 second trailer is the only source of the movie released on Japanese TV airing straight after an episode of Pokemon.

The trailer depicts the Johto legendary trio (Entei, Raiku and Suicune respective to the above poster) having a blast creating havoc to some plain rocky mountain cliff area and Celebi for the matter, seems to be the key element for the movie. The last moments of the trailer shows Ash/Satoshi coming face to face with another Ash/Satoshi but in a darker contrast and a seemingly lower toned voice. Dare I say, doppelgänger?

People who wish to know more can do so by clicking here.

An exclusive give-away of a Limited Editon Celebi for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HGold/SSilver to celebrate the release of the film is in order I believe…

For some lolz view the below video, portrayed by the legendary abridged hero LK;

I’m Bad Ash… hahah I get it


6 thoughts on “Pokémon 13th Movie Confirmed – Good Ash and Bad Ash!?

    1. Uh huh. One Pokemon movie every year since 1999 or so. Heading to various European countries seems to be the current fad for developing settings in every movie.

      Even if people has lost faith and begun to turn against Pokemon,just remember that the Pokemon legend lives on!


  1. I’m amazed there are twelve movies of Pokemon soon to be 13.
    Wow ….. I have been watching Pokemon since I was 8 or younger and I still watch it and I am 15.

    P.S Pokemon rocks


  2. ok that pic waz kool but why is raiuko in front of enti and suicune and enti is the boss if u didnt watch the movie enti is the BIG BOSS THANK U VERY MUCH


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