Doki Doki Pandora Academy Omake 05

A continuation from the previous Omake, the Pandora Academy omakey thing arc returns this time as they all go over the photos taken from a recent Summer vacation beach trip the went to. Of course, the rabbit, Sharron and Echo are present flashing their plain but strangely appealing mizugis representing the fairly lacking female heroines in Pandora Hearts, and not forgetting Gilbert having seemingly a weird fetish.

A so-so omake in my opinion this. All what happens in this 4-minute-or-so omake is that they look at some flashy pictures and in the evening, Gilbert sneaking up to Break-sensei to secretly give him the photo of Alice in her swim suit, but actually after the shot of Oz in the background, and just a short preview of the episodes gonna be included in the next DVD volume.

Screenshots presented below as ever (uncaptioned due to laziness);

Oh really now?

Alice is now my favourite character out of Pandora Hearts.