Seitokai no Ichizon 10

After many much disappointing and serious plot-developing episodes, episode 10 seems to bring back what this series dearly holds; crazy random pointless discussions. Mayufu nopan and Gurren Lagann spoiler reference included.

The Cultural Festival has already begun; the Student Council is working behind the scenes for now as they try to come up with a so-called “dramatic” and “tear-jerking” act they’re planning to do at the festival, which they all soon realise it’s a heck lot of hard work in planning out a sad story.

Later in the day after failing to come up with an act and the Festival had already ended, the Student Council is yet again given piles of boxes filled with leftover stuff and lost items people have mindlessly dropped or misplaced throughout the day, and it’s the student council’s job to give the lost items back to its original owners (episode 1 basis much?).

In the middle of the clean up Kurimu then notices outside that everyone is slowly packing and taking down the decorations and stands away, then comes to a conclusion that everyone doesn’t want the Festival to end thereby slowly packing everything away. Kurimu decides to use the intercom to make a meaningful speech across the school saying that its okay to clear up all the equipment, since there’ll be more exciting events coming up in the near future (despite there’s hardly anyone left in the school being after school hours).

Ken stays behind yet again when the Student Council meeting has concluded, clearing up any left over documents and stuff. Minatsu and the rest then humbly decide to stay behind as well to help him, feeling guilty that every time after a meeting they always leave him in the council room, which somehow make’s Ken lose for some reason.

Just when I almost lost hope on this series, this episode had really made me remember the joys of watching straight from the 1st episode. Around episode 4 to 7 was around the time when I felt the anime has gone out-of-place, but seriously this episode brought back its original flavour.

Ken speaking his mind about random shit made me lol while Chizuru’s idea of a sad story ending seems rather like a new plot development is about to start.

The most particular scene I would like to point out which may classified as a spoiler to some people;


Guess Deen has made some contact to Gainax…

Dear God how the rehearsal of their act was hilarious and epic at the same time;

How they made sound effects of them falling and fainting, classic. And oh wow I never thought that Chizuru was actually an orphan and was raised up by terrorists etcetera….

Mayufu and her BL obsession...haha

Another one of my favourite parts of the episode;


I guess Ken’s fantasies has come true (refer to episode 4 if you dunno what I mean).



Bwahaha how this actually made me cry.

For some reason I read from many sites that this is a reference to Clannad, which I do not recall.

Yep, I was right. It ain’t a Clannad reference but actually Mizusu from AIR, like Clannad an eroge by KEY. Cheers X for the info.

Why there's a divorce notice left behind I do not know.
The Lucky Cat charm thing! I have a few of those around my house.

Out of all of this, I have one thing to say;

WTFs a Pokkoncho!?

Seriously what in the hell is a Pokkoncho!? At first it seems to me it was some sort of Pokemon or a creature from one of Miyazaki’s films. According to a particular user over at AnimeSuki forums it’s apparently some sort of name given to the main character of an eroge called Cosplay Fetish Academy. Being that I never played that before I have no clue what this reference meant.

Enjoy some random screenshots taken from the episode;

As always in the preview of the next episode, I have no idea what’s it’s gonna be about. Hopefully it’ll kick off some special development that’s gonna last for the remaining 2 or 3 episodes of this Fall season D:

I now end my post.


7 thoughts on “Seitokai no Ichizon 10

  1. Actually the one you pointed about the reference to Clannad is wrong, it is actually a reference to one of Key’s work: AIR. That girl is Misuzu on the wheelchair. You’re right this episode is definitely awesome!


    1. Had a hunch it wasn’t. I never recalled someone in a wheelchair in Clannad since a person from MAL said that it was one. Guess they were wrong D:


  2. Clannad is not an eroge because it doesn’t have any H-scene, not even ecchi.

    You should call it ‘Visual Novel’.


  3. thanks for the info on “pokkoncho”, no wonder the gaem sounded so familiar, just seen the gaem review recently before i watched this series.


  4. 2 years later.
    Just watched this, there was two more Clannad references, the friend who is there for the jokes – Sunohara,
    and at the festival a person in a bear costume walks past the screen, the bear costume is identical to Tomoyos costume


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