Nyarth’s Winter Snow Pics

How I got troll’d yesterday morning. The story is this; yesterday morning, being Friday and the last day of school, a large snowstorm hit my area the night before, leaving the whole town covered in white. Since the high school I go to is known for NOT closing the school when there’s heavy amounts of snow outside I thought I might as well go. Walking to school I was quite then suspicious about the lack of pedestrians outside, being only me and a few adults strolling. Only until when I arrive I noticed a white board displaying outside the school saying that it’s closed and “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. Regarding notice about the closure on the internet and on radio was not even mentioned once about my school. I raged.

So I thought to make up my 4 hours wasted sleeping time I might as well take some snapshots with my 2MP camera on my phone of my local area’s winter wonderland. The rest as follows;

Note: All photos are watermarked and some areas in several photos pixellated due to obvious and caring reasons.

And what better to do than to end my extra day off is to have some Ben and Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt.

My two-week Christmas break begins!