Seitokai no Ichizon 11 – Prototype Bloomers?

Oh wow we’re already this far in Seitokai? Wow it only feels like just a few days ago when I reviewed the first episode and the crazy rant towards ANN. Well anyways here’s episode 12’s coverage.

Out of the ordinary stuff in SnI, it seems that Ken is too sick to come to school, meaning the Student Council is Ken-less for a whole day! Either this a good thing for the 4 girls, or bad thing for that matter… Please note that Ken has never missed a Student Council meeting since day 1 of his role as Vice Pres.

To celebrate Kurimu roasts Usamaru.
This screen speaks for itself.

Anyways, apparently without Ken around with his perverted assertery disruptions Kurimu believes they can now have a “proper” school council meeting. Of course, this is proven to be impossible as they all then just detour and talk about what they do for their part-time jobs. Kurimu as a helper at some pre-school (irony), Mayufu part of some blog called “Organ Explosion” (yes imo, ORGAN EXPLOSION), Minatsu some Yakuza organiser of some sort, and Chizuru, well, some evil online web organisation hacking national banks database of some sort, but the pay is good too, about an average of 100 million yen really, not that much….

A blog called "Organ Explosion" about talks of daily events...irony
Tsundere Mayufu...kiree
Yandere what? Show me! PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEE!!!!!!


Thinking about Ken again they are suddenly plunged into mountains of paper work to do, as Ken is usually the one who does it after Council meetings since they just talk about random shizz at every meeting. Realising the stamp to approve stuff (or the Petanko…hazhaz) isn’t around they all search frantically for it. Failing to find the stamp they had no choice but to go through the stuff in “Ken’s paperwork tool bag”, yes imo, necessary tolls needed to paperwork.

A gun, gym bloomers, gas mask, garlic, bullets, whips, pipe lolwut?
Sadly they were prototypes, meaning Ken didn't steal them, meaning Minatsu didn't get to report Ken to the police. Depresssed.

No comment.

Best. Ringtone. EVER!!!

After another failure of doing the paperwork stuff, they then receive a phone call from Ken, checking them up to see how they’re doing without him and telling them where the stamp is. For some reason this leads the girls to many misunderstandings…

That was random.
Oh Mayufu.

The girls are then tempted to visit Ken’s place after Mayufu suggesting it to them, but after thinking about what lies within Ken’s 1 man’s apartment, in the they just went anyways…

That would actually be creepy. The place would speak for itself.

A nice stop at a convenience store to pick up some food to cook and eat at Ken’s place, they are then confronted by Ken’s ex-classmates back in middle school, warning them to stay away from him as he was some hentai freak. Things get serious when the two talk about Ken’s infamous doings back in middle school, including him exposed two-timing, involved getting into fights and lacking friends. Place some kicking and punching scenes here, they all safely make it to Ken’s house- or apartment I have no idea.

Minatsu awakens her true powers! D:
Masochism perhaps?

Ken awakes from his eternal slumber to see the Student Council girls in his home, believing he has died and gone to heaven after seeing this, they all stayed over for the evening and had some dinner.

Very optimistic Ken.

The next day in the Student Council, Ken is alive and well again to come back to school. But out of the blue, after some flashback to the time when Ken was yet to be part of the Student Council and was just sitting alone in a park on a snowing night, Mayufu walks up to him confessing her feelings! D: Ending just in time for a cliffhanger!!!


Dear God. What has the world come to. When Mayufu said she loves Ken it caught me off guard. Being the girls reluctant towards Ken’s perverseness and harem wanting personality, it was less than likely that any of them were going to confess. But Mayufu, claimed to not being good at conversing to men, just wow.

Nice slantwise, hilarious and a tad serious episode. More background about Ken’s so-called dark and painful past is revealed, confirmation that Ken has a little sister (:D), and it’s like the third time the setting was outside the Student Council room.

Have to say the flashback scenes beginning and end of Ken and Mayufu under a giant built snowman igloo was awesome. With the snow and the park it kinda reminded me of Clannad and Hayate where Hayate was dozing around in the park.

Surely Mayufu needed some help with building that Snowman igloo thing.

A snowman morphed into an igloo, I never actually thought of that…

Parodies and references seems to be absent in this episode, as I didn’t in one thoughtless sense detect any throughout the whole episode. There could’ve been, but I didn’t notice any =S

Actually there is the shot of the visual novel box covers and the pixellated image that could’ve been parodies…maybe?

Miku at the bottom?
No idea what that is...

Also judging from the preview it seems that the next episode, being the 12th is actually going to be the FINAL EPISODE!!! D: Yes that’s right our long, treacherous Seitokai viewing adventure is almost coming to a conclusion, with the final episode expected to end with a bang and the truth behind Mayufu’s confession, oh yes, it’s gonna be epic.

Not forgetting the Kurimu solo ending is hilarious.

“I am taichou!”

“How do say that in English?”

President perhaps?

Harem ending anyone?

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