Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Review

Oh wow. It’s been nearly a whole month since I finished watched Akasaka. But due to many misfortunes and the Christmas festivity I seem to have forgotten to write up this post in my drafts. Well anyway, here’s my review.

Kicking off with this review, I might as well point out the main concept of this anime;

The story revolves around Junichi Nagase who attends some prestigious school for God know what reason. Unknown age for some tangible reason, Jun is also bounded by the nickname of “Geno Killer” all because of the shenanigans he committed during middle school. But fortunately, this comes in handy when he somehow saves a mysterious girl being harassed by two guys on the last day of summer break. The mysterious girl turns out to be none other then Katagiri Yuuhi, a loli bishojo (I s’pose) who just transferred to the same school and class as Jun. Out of the blue, following his strange yet creepy atmospheric instincts he kisses her in front of the whole class. Not blatantly understanding Yuuhi beats the crap out of Jun.

But later it turns out that the reason why Yuuhi was transferred to Juns school was to meet her fiancée arranged by her and her fiancée’s parents, which Yuuhi’s fiancée turning out to be Jun (oh wow). Redundant about the engagement, their parents makes a condition with them to restore their relation within a month with Yuuhi moving into Jun’s house. If they are not able to restore their relationship within the month of “dating”, the engagement will then be subsequently cancelled. And so this series focuses on the adventures of Jun, Yuuhi and friends having adventures, fun, laughs, thrills and spills and the like. No H scenes like in the game are featured unfortunately…

Another one of them Anime adaptations from a visual novel eroge imo. But since I noticed that Wataru Hatano (Yuuto from Nogizaka Haruka), Rie Kugumiya (You should know her :P) and Aya Hirano (You should know her too ;D) are starring as the main characters, I thought I might as well take this series a shot.

The main plot seems okay, but seems as if there’s nothing new coming out of it if you’re a veteran anime person like me. Still in my opinion the episodes themselves are great, but it looks as if they’ve been touched up and polished from some other particular series. Great for people who’re still sinking into anime, not really for die hards.

To elaborate, here’s a brief outline of each episode;

Episode 1: Starts off the series, Yuuhi gets saved by Jun on the last day of Summer, the two meet in the same class in school the day after, misunderstandings form and before you know, Yuuhi moves into Jun’s crib.

Naice pink 360 =3
Uh.... huh

Episode 2: Sinking-into-the-series-episode. Reason why Yuuhi is moving in is because of some bet thought up by their parents (read the bio of the series above for more info)… Yuuhi adjusts to everyday NORMAL life and learns how to cook, ‘cuz every average Tsundere is shit at it… Power cut suddenly plunges Yuuhi and Jun into an awkward position, Minato and Yuuhi are now on good terms with each other yaaay~

And what are the... recipes?

Episode 3: Their crazy yet epic teacher goes missing… The Student Prez calls all the main and supporting characters to help search for him, Jun and Yuuhi wounds up trapped together in an underground pit, only to later find sensei being in their as well but unconscious at the time, they are discovered by the rest and everyone lived happily ever after (kidding there’s more episodes to come)

Episode 4: Karen invites everyone to her MUTHERFUKKEN BOAT party and everyone dresses up in formal clothing. Many good and fond memories are made here… Giant octopus shows up at the end stirring a mess to all… Boat sets on fire and Yuuhi’s in eep shit since she’s trapped in the flames. Eventually she is saved by non other than  Jun and everyone safely reaches land then home.

Episode 5: Jun and Yuuhi go on a date-in-denial day out since Minato was the one who planned it all for the three of them to go out but had to bail at the end due unforseen circumstances. They go watch a crappy monster who Yuuhi cried at the end thinking one of the dinosaurs didn’t get put back together… Mitsuki (the student prez girl) spots the two out and questions them that if they were on a date, Jun bails out to not cause any more rumours n shit… Blablabla another day another donut.

Yuuhi's perspective of an octopus. Really now.

Thus sparks the illicit incestuous relationship between Jun and Minato.

This is surely going onto eBay...

Episode 6: Karen returns and invites everyone AGAIN but this time up to the mountains at a private hot springs where obvious onsen nude shady steamy fanservice will occur. Everyone discovers they’re actually going to a co-ed onsen and everyone freaks out. Blablabla the relationship between Yuuhi and Jun increases more and stuff, and yeah, another day another drill.

<img src="” alt=”” width=”643″ height=”365″ />
Yes you did now gtfo.
I know how you feel Ginta- I mean Fuyuhiko.

Episode 7: It’s the Cultural Festival… and Yuuhi, Karen, Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa the rest of their classmates are doing a Yakisoba café to contribute. However, Minato and her tennis club are doing one as well, with far more appealing appearances, meaning it’s a battle between Minato’s tennis club and Yuuhi’s Class (guess who won). Meanwhile Jun is kidnapped by sensei, the prez and the mysterious Nagomi girl for some “special mission” he the only one must carry out, but- in the turns out to be some finishing spectacle for the Cultural Festival. Cue the ED.


Episode 8: Tsukasa (Jun’s childhood female friend) decides to follow her embarrassing childhood ambition and a voice actress, after Jun bringing it up before Tsukasa planning to submit an embarrassing photo of him and Yuuhi from the previous episode to some contest for best media. Insert the rest here and blahh bla bla…

Yuuhi Fan Lovers are present in the anime btw.
Cookies if you notice one abnormality in this screen.
Which one would you choose?
Face it Jun, you love the sukumizus.

Episode 9: Starting off with a conclusion of the previous episode, Tsukasa’s photo of Yuuhi and Jun wins 1st place in the Amitre awards, God knows what that is… But anyway, it’s apparently Jun’s birthday and Jun’s harem is secretly planning it out for him. Yuuhi is entrusted with the task to find the perfect present for him, and after raiding his room full of Western Rap music and Lads Mag, she fails to find anything and decides to make the birthday cake, despite lacking any specialities in cooking. Blablabla it all turns out well as Jun praises Yuuhi’s hard work for his birthday party fiasco.

Yaoi love triangle much?
Yes Yuuhi, that is what a female's anatomy SHOULD look like.

Episode 10: Confession time as it’ll lead up to the big finale of this God damn series. So Yuuhi finally realises her feelings for Jun and they both truthfully confess their feelings to each other after purposefully ditching school for this. The next day everything is ratted out that Yuuhi is living with Jun under one roof all this time… Karen seems to have feelings for Jun as well, declaring so-called “Love Rivals” with Yuuhi… Fuyuhiko (Jun’s male friend and who looks a lot like Gintama) confronting Jun confessing his feelings for his sister and ratting out Jun’s hidden feelings for his sister. Things get out of hand when Minato gains the chance to express her feelings for Jun when they’re along when Yuuhi went back to her original home to tell her parents to leave Minato and Jun alone. Wow what a confusing episode and a corruption to the relationship chart (if there ever was one).

Well let
Best. Dream. Ever.
Incest ftw now?

Episode 11: The fury continues as Yuuhi officially denies her engagement to Jun, as she’ll think for herself for her own decision instead of “external pressures”. Returning to Jun’s house Yuuhi’s feels a light awkward atmosphere in the home with Jun and Minato denying everything she says. Thinking they’re hiding something sinister from her a distance between Yuuhi and Jun is formed. Jun is suddenly called away since his parents uncalled-for-ly came back to Japan, leaving Yuuhi and Minato at home for the perfect situation for Minato to spill the beans. After the confession that she has feelings for her own brother and her heartache regarding the situation Yuuhi surprisingly forgives her for the sins she had committed. Thus now leadning up to the series finale.

Episode 12: Jun gets shouted and raged at by Yuuhi for keeping everything that has happened when she was gone away from her, decides to break up with him and leaves the Nagase house. Minato leaves the Nagase house as well in order for Jun to make a decision to choose between her or Yuuhi. Later, he gets manhandled and kidnapped by his teacher to some faraway beach for some useless man chat, and just ditches him there with his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Yuuhi decided to stay at Karen’s place and Minato stayed with Nagomi. Hazily walking back home,  he reminisces his past as a shota when he was living home alone 24/7 as his parents where die-hard rebels, along with his sister, travelling the world and fighting against senseless evil and how Minato decided to move so suddenly in since she had missed him so much, thus triggering the bond between them. Living out his abandoned life as a hitman known as “Geno Killer”. Strange name imo. By the help of his alter ego thinking of a decision for who to go for, he reunites with his past self at long last, and confesses to his sister! Thus making it an incestuous ending.

One of the many fabulous pantsu shots in Akasaka.
Yes, you heard them, his SISTER.
No good Karen, just go with the flow.
Jun has a thing with Sukumizus you see.
Aww. Happy ending for all!

So yeah, episodic throughout but still having that sort of link linking the episode together and ending it with a big plot development finale. But wow, they had the guts to have it Jun ending up with his sister. Well, that is…

Waydd'ha go ruining it >.<

In the anime, they made it so that Minato wasn’t actually blood-related to Jun, which Jun’s parent tried to tell him in that short discreet meeting, but Jun failing to hear due to the helicopter taking off. You know, due to legal legislation reasons.

But in the eroge, they are related thus triggering an incest ending if your lucky enough. However, if you’re even luckier enough to own the PC version, you’ll be treated with a H scene depicting Minato and Jun getting it onn. Heau heau…

I read in many forums and comments on Youtube whether they’re happy or disgusted about it being an incest ending. Being some hilarious and plain outrageous, this kinda reminded me about the reactions which the ending of the anime adaption of School Days, but put on a more higher level of garr.

My favourite character of the series would definitely have to go out to the awesome Yuuhi, for her slight personality as a tsundere, average normal compact sized boobs and for her epic posture. But seeing having grey hair is a mystery to me…

But if you’re looking for my normal favourite character, then it would have to go to Sugishita-sensei. Because well, he’s that awesome.

Anyone who disagrees should commit seppuku.

Another of my favourites is Nagomi-chan. Cuz well, you know, she hones the loli features.

With pleasure :9

She's kidding. Btw

The animation seems well… average to me. Had a feel like I was watching Akikan at times due to the frequent deformations and low quality art. Well overall looks just below average for me.

The music used for the series seems average. Dunno about the BGMs used in the eroge since I haven’t played it… But on the bright side, the opening and ending sequence seems quite decent.

Opening: “Hatsukoi Parachute” by Miyuki Hashimoto

Just like any other happy-go opening sequences, introducing the characters and whatnot…is that a parachute?

Ending… well it seems that they use a different theme for each episode. Looks like they have enough budget to hire song companies to produce them eh… Well here’s the theme used in episode 1 and 2; “Sweet Gift” by Rie Kugimiya

Same visuals for each ending sadly, consisting of a phone on a table showing a slide show of the characters of the series.

But wow I guess Youtube never noticed the nature of the image in the video…

Character designs are all well and great… Achieves that appealing bishojo mark you usually see in visual novels. However, I wonder what Mitsuki uses to keep up her hair like that… Usually you need a lot of hairspray or static to keep that much up.


Additional rating;

Plot: 6/10
Animation: 5/10
Character Designs: 7/10
Music: 6/10

Great anime if you’re looking for notable voice actors to strut their stuff, kill some free time or resisting to bishojo characters, not so much of a great anime if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into, expect some garr or to show to the whole family (obviously).

Now onto the almost forgotten OVA episode that came with the last DVD compilation…

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