I have a life, I swear!

If you’re not aware btw I’ve been undercover 3 days straight. Revamping every posts (talking about over 200 posts), fixing grammar and spelling mistakes… Resizing every single images so it fills up the post area width (talking over 1000 images and screenshots here) and also fixing HTML coding since some posts doesn’t look right when I view it on various browsers.

Additionally, I have implemented, modified and replaced images in certain posts and reviews, meaning there is at least 1 image featured in every post now.

Further changes made…

Due to Photobucket’s mean monthly limited bandwidth allowance to free users I have omitted a few images from posts and have made links directing you lot to it’s original Photobucket page in order to save some bandwidth. No idea if this’ll work or not… worth a try.

I have a life…. I swear! :<

Nyarth out and happy lurking.

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