Nyarth’s 2009 Anime Review

Would’ve got a crappier title, but hey, I suck at naming relentless posts.

So… another year has gone by, and now we head into the first decade of the second millennium. It’s been a really hectic year for me, and maybe for you lot out there, even for Anime. And so for this post, I thought I might as well review this whole year about everything regarding Anime of this year. Best Anime of every season, best anime all year-round, best troll, you get me now right? Another long post filled with many blown images imo. But you’ll get used to it. Eventually.

Note: Everything will be judged according to what I have picked up and seen throughout the year.

So starting off, the best Anime (that I think) of *insert season here* of 2009.

Best Winter Anime 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia

Choices were pretty limited for this season for me, as I literally only watched 2 series from this season since I was still pretty new to watching weekly airing shows.

But well, Hetalia is my choice for the Best Winter Anime of 2009 due to its original and occasional hilarious antics from the wide majority of bishonen characters materialized from countries of the world. No I’m not gay since a few country materialised female characters. But still I’d prefer an all female version of Hetalia…

Best Spring Anime 2009


Now unlike the Winter Anime Season where I had a limited choice, this time in the Spring Season I had a really big range of choices to only crown one best anime of the season. In fact, I believe I had watched just above 50% of what was going to even offer. But in the end, Saki was my Best Spring Anime of 2009. Due to its risky no-pan judgement, fully explained background past of every goddamn character and a discreet yuri relationship between Nodoka and Saki. Best yuri couple ever if I well say…

Other choices at hand before the deciding round were as follows; Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, K-ON!, Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season, Valkyria Chronicles, Pandora Hearts, Cross Game and Tears to Tiara.

Best Summer Anime 2009

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Like the Spring Anime Season with a wide choice of anime to choose from, the Summer Anime Season is as well big but not as big as what was seen from Spring if you get what I mean. It has been a tough choice to choose which anime I believe is the best of the season, as there are many top quality series from the library. But overall, I had to choose Geijutsuka Art Design Class.

Why I chose this? Well, think of it as Lucky Star or K-ON!, a slice of life anime with a limited set of characters at hand, dumped in a special Design and Arts school (well it is adapted from a 4koma manga). Nothing big really happens in this series, just fun and entertaining episodics all throughout 13 episodes. The good thing is as well it occasionally teaches the viewers out there about techniques and trivia in Art, from drawing, painting and sketching, to information to some well-known artists, design movements and sculptures. Shame that no one really subbed this series in the weekly time frame, only until a group decided to sub the series a few weeks later when the TV run ended… This truly deserves the title of Best Summer Anime of 2009.

Other contenders for the Best Summer Anime 2009 are as follows; Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!, Canaan, Princess Lover and Needless.

Best Fall Anime 2009

Shakugan no Shana S

The most anticipated anime season of this year for many, the best anime season of the year for the rest. And I have to say, this season actually is the best season for anime this year. If I actually said that correctly…

Well like I said, there are many top-notch anime airing in this season, and either most of them had just recently ended as Fall Anime is coming to an end soon, while the rest continues on into the new year. Many series are on this season such as the mostly anticipated anime Railgun, what I mostly anticipated since Spring Seitokai, late fanservice anime Blacksmith and Zetsubou Sensei anime’s successor Trapeze. Sasameki Koto seems to be carrying on the Yuri theme since Aoi Hana ended it’s run in the Summer, the CLAMP craze is back with its more recent work Kobato, many Spring Season Anime return with sequels such as Asura Cryin’ and Natsu no Arashi. I could go on but I’ll stop here. Fall anime is the shiz.

Moving to my proclaimed best Anime of the season… Again it was ANOTHER tough choice, out of the majority that I watched, being over 70% on what has been offered I have to say, it most definitely goes to the returning anime Shakugan no Shana S!

Surely it has been a long time since I watched Shana, marathoning both 2 TV anime seasons, the movie adaption and it’s variety of omakes and OVA back in Summer 2008, sadly I seem to have forgotten most of the terminology and what has happened from the anime! That is, when I suddenly remembered everything and how I came to love this series while watching the first episode in this side-story OVA series. Sadly a third season will coming up shortly when the S OVA series is complete, but that’s not the bad news. Sure a third season would be awesome! But the thing is, it’ll be the last anime adaption of Shana. Says the producers or some Shana fan abridger on Youtube. Surely many more anime adaptions will sure to come, as the original light novel series seems to be still going and not coming to a conclusion. But hey, there’s not much info about the future of Shana so we can be safe for now. But back to main point, Shakugan no Shana S greatly deserves the Best Fall Anime (OVA?) of 2009 (in my eyes).

The drop-outs for the place of Best Fall Anime 2009 are as follows; To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Seitokai no Ichizon, Kobato, Kimi ni Todoke, Letter Bee, Nyan Koi and Fairy Tail.

Moving onto the speciality award things…

Best Sequel of 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Not really a sequel, but more of a spin off you might say… But what the hell. Railgun is what I say the best sequel of 2009. Despite having a hating to biribiri in this case. Spin off anime based off a spin off manga series what more can you ask for… Nice art-splitting story centring around Biribiri, her yuri partner and two lackeys known as Uiharu and Saten. Mixing in with a little pervy antics from Kuroko as usual and also some fanservice particularly the childish side of biribiri. With all this it seems like some fanzine doujinshi series…

Other anime I considered as the best sequels of 2009 are as follows; Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season and Darker than Black: Gemini of the Falling Star

Best Troll of 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S2 2009

Not really surprising if you’ve followed the series for some time… Well it was a most obvious choice that Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is the best troll of 2009. Due to KyoAni and Kadokawa combined marketing trolling campaign, and the likely failed 2nd season being just 8 episodes of recycled madness with latter tweaks made, 5 episodes of reality TV-like adventures and 1 episode of actual entertainment. Surely the recently announced movie adapting the mostly anticipated “Disappearance” arc will save us all. Which will be blatantly unlikely in many cases…

Best Moé Anime of 2009


Yup. We all this was gonna happen… K-ON! in my abstain mind is crowned the best Moé blob anime of 2009. Creating many hardcore idolising fans, and many die-hard enemies in the making due to it’s moé-blob styling character designs (which seems to had influence the new episodes of Haruhi and all of the studio itself), catchy and atmospherical music performances and it’s hardcore seiyuu casting. With a SECOND SEASON being recently green-lit at some shoddy K-ON-risque concert KyoAni may have already just trolled 2010 before it even began…

Best Anime Announcement of 2009

Strike Witches Sequel now under AIC’s Hands

Kind of a surprise this. After many attempts of Gonzo trying to stay alive, it seems they have finally thrown in the towel. But fear not! As the ever loving sequel to Strike Witches production will now be entrusted to AIC Pictures. Luckily AIC holds many experience about pantsu, loli and oppai techniques as they were often involved with the production of the first season, alongside the main studio Gonzo. Expect the sequel to come late next year…

Because of this sudden and shocking news this truly deerves the best Anime Announcement of 2009.

Best Tear Jerking Anime of 2009

Clannad: After Story

Does this count to aired in 2009? Wutevur. After a recommendation from a friend of mine, I thought I might as well give it a shot. Marathoned the whole first season and managed to watch the remaining 9 episodes on a weekly basis and how god knows that I actually CRIED during the Fuuko arc and the episodes where Nagisa dies (despite knowing it would happen due to spoilers) man how I felt like I lost a chunk off my manly pride… All in all love the series, the heartwarming plot, the characters and the animation (surely when KyoAni wasn’t being much of a bunch of dicks) and the original character designs. Clannad surely deserves the best tear jerking Anime of 2009 (whether it is in 2009 or not, screw it.)

Best GARR Anime of 2009


Many people relate this great anime to the legendary anime Gurren Lagann, due to its early resemblance of the main characters to Gurren Lagann’s characters.

Cruz Yamada = Shimon

Blade = Kamina

Eve = Yoko

But in the end, I choose Needless as the most GARR anime of 2009 ‘cuz well, it has a fairly even amount of Shonen battle scenes, gore and blood, and pink and girly panchira fanservice on the other side. The two main themes of the Shonen and Seinen genre. It also seems that the anime adaption seems to have cranked up the fanservice while toning down the gore due to obvious reasons, while in the original manga, the gore and violence is at the greatest while the fanservice is kept to a minimum. Madhouse (the animation studio for Needless) seems to know’s it’s marketing audience it may seem well…

So Needless. Best GARR Anime of 2009. (TTGL the Best GARR Anime of 2007 if I had the chance there…)

Best WTF Anime of 2009


Funny thing is, I had the most WTF anime of 2009 originally going to the third season of Zetsubou Sensei. But along came Trapeze, making me reconsider my decision. Trapeze. Best WTF Anime 0f 2009 due to its original abstract animation style, wacky characters and clothing and it’s frequent blend between 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation. Nicely done legendary animators Toei.

Best Failed Anime of 2009


We all knew this was gonna happen. Akikan. Crowned as the Best Failed Anime of 2009 (put it in a good way, sort of). To say at least, I had high hopes of this series when I saw it in Chartfag’s visual Winter 2008/9 line up. Soft drink cans turning into bishojos? AWESUM I first thought of. Watched the pre release episode, thought it was awesome but not that awesome of what I first thought of. Watched all 13 episodes- man was I trolled. The series came out to be a complete disaster due to the following reasons;

Well those are bad points of the Anime, but the only good points of the Anime I suppose are the contribution of the decent appealing character designs. Melon’s character design seems to be the most original…

It seems I tend to watch the mostly failed/bad quality anime…

Now for the additional awards pick I chose but too slacked to elaborate more and will just write meaningless short sentences commenting on the pick…

Best Loli Anime of 2009


Those who do not agree shall be executed immediately.

Best MILF Anime of 2009

Queens Blade

I guess this is most expected.

Best Time Wasting Anime of 2009


Worst ending ever. Period.

Best Soothing Anime of 2009

Umi Monogatari

Nice calming OP/ED and vase character designs. Plot seems to condensed at hand though…

Best Movie Anime of 2009

Summer Wars

I recommend you all to watch it. This movie kicks ass.

Best OVA Anime of 2009


Not blood-related incest ftw!

Best Anime Studio of 2009


It is as expected, for its top-notch popular anime produced all year-round they surely deserve the Best Anime Studio of 2009.

Best Seiyuu of 2009

Aki Toyasaki

I keep seeing her everywhere! It seems that after appearing in K-ON! and performing it’s singles she rose at both to otakudom and real life fame. In my opinion it seems like she’s the next Rie Kugumiya.

Best Anime Opening Sequence of 2009

[To Aru Kagaku no Railgun] “only my railgun” by fripSide

Obvious best OP of 2009 is obvious.

Best Anime Ending Sequence of 2009

[K-ON!] “Don’t say ”lazy”” by Yoko Hikasa with Aki Toyosaki, Satomi Satou and Minako Kotobuki

Still lovin’ this song D:

Best Anime Insert of 2009

[CANAAN] “LIFE” by Takagaki Ayahi

So heartwarming! :< -wipes tears from eyes-


Best Anime of 2009

This sure was a tricky one. Unlike picking one from every season like I did 4 times previously, this time I had to combine all four season and pick one from the lot. It’s been a tough time, narrowing each series, throwing away and picking back up what I consider as the best anime of the year.

So, the best anime, of 2009, goes to…


-insert victory bgm here-

Well it wasn’t that much of a surprise if you’ve followed the updates and news about Anime throughout the year. That is, since Bakemonogatari is now currently the number one most best-selling Blu-ray series OF ALL TIME! Beating the previous successor K-ON! by a staggering amount, Bakemonogatati is surely the best Anime of 2009.

Not only the sales chart, but the everything about the anime as well. Produced by Shaft, known for their lack of staff, which unfortunately lead to Bakemono getting shafted, and also known for their original abstract animation style. See Zetsubou Sensei for more about. The series is split into 5 story arcs, thus adapting the first 5 light novel volumes of original light novel series, with the last final 5th arc being released on the net, as the series was planned to produce 15 episodes. But since the Japanese broadcasting system only lets at a maximum of 13 episodes to air for each season, Shaft decided to release the remaining 3 unaird episodes on the interwebs. While atm the 1st unaired episode is released, he last two is currently at a standstill.


And that pretty much ends my 2009 Anime review awards I guess….

So from me, and my arch nemesis Steve, look forward to the Winter Anime 2009/10 line up and, last bu not least, have a happy, safe and delectable New Year!

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