Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka OVA Review

Oh wow. Just like Glo said, continuing on from my previous review, this OVA edition of Akasaka seems to have gone down hill dramatically. But for now, let’s have a run down of the plot of the episode.

The returning main and side characters plus the teacher are invited once more by Karen (stop showing off god damnit!) to some far away island owned by her family on one Summer’s day (where does get this shit?) where they all have frolic and fun on the beach in extremely revealing swimsuits. The class prez plans to make this trip perverted as possible (thus, equals an episode full of pointless badly drawn fanservice) and disguises tubs of Sun Tan/Protection Lotion as what you might say a Love Potion (get me). When the potion has come into effect the girls begin to taunt poor old Jun as the main effect of the Love Potion is “extreme daringness”. Nagomi in her fa~bulous school swimsuit comes to save the day and knocks everyone out cold with her supernatural alien powers. The next day everyone wakes believing everything that has happened was a dream. Thus ending their failed perverted trip.

The good bits of the OVA;

  • Nice range of swimsuits worn by our female harem cast. Especially Tsukasas…
  • Actual split-second exposure of Yuuhi’s boobs 8D
  • Great addition to the Akaska collection if you’re a fan of Feng’s work.
  • Almost crossing the line of becoming a Hentai anime D:

Now the bad and disappointing parts of the OVA;

  • Massive downgrade on the animation. Typically looks strongly similar to Akikan’s quality.
  • Typical clichéd fanservice and antics.
  • In a way, a pointless fanservice episode holding no meaning but an addition to some perverted otaku’s min…haha

So like I said, in a way great ecchi entertainment for some and a pointless money-wasted fanservice episode.

Screenshots of the episode are as follows;

Nagonago is now officially my waifu.

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