Ladies Vs Butlers! 01 – Legal Lolis FTW!

Despite the initial broadcast run of Ladies Vs Butlers to be on 5th January, they decided to air a special early broadcast of it a week before the main run, omitting out the opening and ending sequence of course. Akikan-like much?

Well anyways, managed to watch the early bird edition of the first episode so here’s my first impression, and man how the ecchi factor is up the roof.

Obvious groping at first meeting is obvious.

Ladies Vs Butlers! revolves around a young man called Hino Akiharu. Despite his delinquent looking appearance that seems like he’s about to rip up your internal organs and serve them to a bunch of ostriches to see them squirm until they puke ostrich mittens… he decides of what better to do than to enrol some privileged high-class boarding school, known as Hakureiryou High School. Unfortunately though, sue to his delinquent stud-like appearance he frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students (harem much?), go far enough than to faint at first sight. Being unable to get along with the classmates therefore acting all emo 24/7, Akiharu by undisputed fate meets his childhood girlfriend Saikyou Tomomi, who seems to be some sinister red-neck who used to torture him during their nursery days… And so starts their spruce up life filled with mischievous antic, cartoon barbarism and obvious heavy amounts of ecchi fanservice.

In the first episode we see Akiharu stepping foot onto the campus, only to be stopped by non other than Selnia Iori Frameheart, known for her drill-looking hair, who Akiharu strangely gropes after a misunderstanding. Before you knew it it all turns into some wild goose chase as Selnia with a bunch of other girls along the way chases after Akiharu as he “violates” every girl he runs into which is actually some unlucky misunderstanding. Akiharu runs into many different types of girls, including a loli who actually turns out to be 19 years old, a girl who has no shame to strip in front of a man and proclaiming that she’s into the “forceful” type and the rest who simply shriek of terror and faint on the spot. In the end mystery girl character A clears everything up, telling all the girls Akiharu “violated” to have a “generous” heart and forgive him, as he is a newcomer at the school inending to be some civil servant. It turns out that he mystery girl character A turns out to be non other than Tomimi Saikyou, who is used to be Akiharu’s childhood friend back in nursery. It also turns out that Tomimi was asked by the dean and principle of the school to welcome Akiharu to the school and show him around, and as punishment for the ruckus he made on his first day. Tomimi leaks out to all the girls Akiharu’s childhood dream, being to become a cute bride and to lead a happy life everyday.

We now know Saikyou is evil in many ways. And also is just me, or is it that their uniform bears a similar resemblance to the one featured in Nogizaka Haruka?

All in all a great and entertaining first episode. Unsurprising to me for all the heavy fanservice and ecchi bits featured in this episode. All the maid and formal talking seems to have put me on the edge as it’s becoming very annoying and repetitive for me… I have to say, the legal loli Akiharu runs into really caught me off guard when she said she was actually 19. Perhaps she has laid off the milk for quite some time?

Oh… poor Akiharu… if I were in his shoes, I’d say “She said she was 18! I swear!!” heau heau…

The legal loli is now my favourite character.

Looking at the casting list, I was quite surprised to see tsurupeta queen Rie Kugumiya listed down as one of the supporting characters, but this time, as a GUY.

I sense something Yaoi is going to happen later...

Also known as Daichi Kaoru. Looks as though he’s a female at first glance imo, but in the end, he’s a guy. He happens to be also a working servant of the school and now officially Akiharu’s room mate. In the first episode, we see him acting quite cold and arrogant towards Akiharu. Surely we’ll see more him in later episodes.

Despite knowing Kugumiya was voicing him before watching the episode, I actually felt no resemblance that his voice was actually Kugumiyas. Sure another known guy role Kugumiya plays is Alphonse in Fullmetal Alchemist, but she sounds more feminine when playing Alphonse than Kaoru. It seems like Rie is now currently experimenting more of her masculine side…

Even though this special early broadcast is airing on the digital TV channel AT-X, there seems to be some heavy amounts black and white hazes covering up the nether regions of our female characters. Surely this error will go away in the DVD edition or perhaps… the terrestrial broadcast?

Update: Theory proven. Unknown if it’s either a terrestrial or digital broadcast but, the official intended airing of Ladies Vs Butlers seems to have wiped out all the black and white hazes, without a doubt being obvious censors after all.

Screenshots following the perverted antics of Akiharu Hino and more are as follows.

Apparently smashing into a laptop's keyboard with a pen will send the laptop sky high.
A blonde drill that is.

Expect the official 1st episode accompanied with an opening (or not, being the first episode and every other anime doing this) and ending to be aired on the 5th of January. Series expected to run for 12 episodes and done by Xebec or whatever you call it, the same company that did Pandora Hearts that is…

Get ready to witness an adventure full of ecchi antics and drama for all you people who are crazily enough to watch this…


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  1. Daichi Kaoru is a GIRL, look at the flashbacks and you’ll clearly see a young Kaoru in a FEMALE kimono.


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